New Product and Procedure Can Make Those Unwanted Tattoos Vanish

By Regina Arnold

 unwanted tattoo with someone's nameRemoving an unwanted tattoo can be a tedious and painful process. Some procedures can’t even promise complete removal of the tattoo and may leave discoloration and scarring. Now there is a new product and procedure that can remove all colors, is less painful and requires fewer treatments.

Unwanted part of tattoo removedTATTOO VANISH offers the first ALL NATURAL, NON-LASER removal product with the procedure taking less than an hour depending on the size of the tattoo. First, a machine is used to break the epidural (top) layer of skin. The TATTOO VANISH product is then applied to the ink. Clients must keep the area completely dry for at least 10 to 14 days or longer allowing a scab to form and fall off naturally.

If a client interferes with the healing process and gets the area wet, it will cause the scab to come off prematurely and the removal process will stop according to Mary Arnold Ronish, owner of TATTOO VANISH. The longer the scab stays on the more ink will be pulled from the skin.

A common practice has been to tattoo over (cover-up) an unwanted tattoo. Arnold-Ronish recommends removing unwanted tattoos altogether.

Unwanted butterfly tattoo on shoulderUnwanted butterfly tattoo on shoulder removedunwanted tattoo with someone's nameUnwanted part of tattoo removed

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