Las Vegas Woman magazine, in partnership with hiTech Vegas and Women in Media Mentoring Initiative, are pleased to honor the contributions of inspiring women blazing trails in a previously unrecognized, yet vital, sector of our business community.

Please join us in celebrating the achievements and contributions of these luminaries in the Las Vegas tech industry.

Our Judges

We would like to thank the following community sponsors for their support and collaboration in recognizing the groundbreaking spirit of these deserving women in the Las Vegas community.

Downtown Project is champion in the support and nomination of many of our Women in High Tech honorees.

The Downtown Podcast is a leader in the ongoing efforts to recognize and highlight our community’s women leaders in tech.

Ticketcake is a leading advocate and highly respected partner in the Las Vegas High Tech community.

WIMMI is an inclusive environment dedicated to the personal and career development of women in media, marketing, advertising and entertainment at all stages of their career. WIMMI’s mission is to get more women into positions of power and influence in their industries.

Hi Tech Vegas is dedicated to connecting high technology businesses in the greater Las Vegas Metro area to conduct commerce, create partnerships, foster alliances, enable business education and establish an advanced business network in the Las Vegas Metro community.

The primary mission of The Social Register of Las Vegas is to bring a higher level of business networking and socializing to Las Vegas, while providing numerous philanthropic opportunities.


  1. These women aren’t in tech positions. They are all in marketing. There are legitimate women in IT throughout the valley, you should showcase them.