By Debbie Hall

The gift of jewelry is timeless. Whether for a man or woman, family member, loved one or dear friend; a piece of jewelry will be treasured. Gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones set in pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and broaches can be the centerpiece to a person’s wardrobe. Watches are more than a time-keeping piece; it is a fashion accessory for both men and women.

Expert jeweler and designer Aaron Lelah has been designing custom-made, fine jewelry for more than 30 years. He has witnessed the styles over the years and for the holidays (and beyond); here are some of his recommendations.

The Shimmering or Starlight diamond is a new trend in diamonds. Set into a 14K white gold halo set, the center diamond is about 20 to 25 points, and is placed on a wire perfectly balanced so every single move the light will cause the diamond to shimmer adding sparkle to the stone.

Another trend is stacked rings or stackables. Lelah explained, “Stackable (rings) is the wearing of two to three bands on one finger with either different colors of stones or same color with different styles. The stackables are mixed and matched with different colors.”

Regardless of what kind of jewelry one is interested in purchasing, Lelah advises, “to look for quality. There is commercial grade (stones) which is everywhere and should not be purchased. Commercial grade is made to look like expensive jewelry but all of the excess gold is carved out so it is really light-weight. Crystalized stones are used but it is still called diamonds (which is legal).”

Lelah takes pride that all of the jewelry he offers is hand-made in the store. “We use the top two grades of stones and everything is bright and brilliant.”
As for silver versus gold, Lelah stated, “Gold prices have skyrocketed so silver became the new alternative metal to use. It is still a precious metal and almost all of the jewelry that used to be made in gold is being created in silver as well. These are beautiful pieces in top styles.”

Precious stones include diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. Semi-precious stones are topaz, amethyst, citrines-anything considered a natural stone. Treated stones use heat treatments and create different colors in the stones such as a white topaz. This is done to produce a lower priced stone that looks similar to a genuine stone. There are also glass and colored rhinestones as options in purchasing jewelry.

Watches are a big seller, especially for men, as a gift of time. The price range at Aaron Lelah Jewelers is $300 to $25,000 depending on the watch and type of diamonds set in the watch. “Watches make a great gift,” Lelah said, “It is something someone uses every day and we engrave it to make it personal. It is an affordable jewelry item.”

Aaron Lelah Jewelers carries more than 750 designs of watches in stock. They offer three year warranties, lifetime battery replacements and lifetime trade-in. The watches are all made with Swiss parts and keep the most accurate of time within a half second per year. Watches are also water resistant with no worries about beaches or pools.

In fact, Aaron Lelah Jewelers offers life-time warranties on everything in the store, with a free inspection every two months including tightening settings, clean, polish and help the customer take care of jewelry.

For a precious gift that will be treasured and passed down from generation to generation, jewelry in any form is a wonderful choice.

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