The Importance of Gestational Carriers for Couples to Achieve Parenthood

By Regina Arnold

Pregnant woman fertility centerA gestational carrier plays an important role in helping a couple achieve parenthood if a woman cannot carry a pregnancy. The gestational carrier, also known as a host uterus or formally known as a surrogate mother, will carry the pregnancy and also deliver the baby for the mother-to-be.

One gestational carrier explained the process. “First I had to submit an application to the agency. Then I had to get medical records from all births. I had to gather all the information needed before being put into the gestational carrier pool. Once in the pool, intended parents looking for a gestational carrier were able to view my profile. The profile included my information, my husband’s information, hobbies and favorites.”

Having a healthy uterus is essential to qualify as a gestational carrier. Then both the parents and the gestational carrier must be screened for infectious diseases and the carrier is also psychologically screened.

Once a woman is chosen by a couple to be their gestational carrier, an introduction phone call is scheduled so the two parties can get to know each other. “I was chosen by my intended parents and of course I was given the option after the introduction phone call to see if I was willing to be a gestational carrier for them. I am so thankful that the intended parents I had were laid back and not so controlling. We clicked from day one and still keep in touch to this day, which makes my first-time experience as a gestational carrier very rewarding,” a gestational carrier said.

Another carrier said she was able to develop a close relationship with the couple that she was carrying for. “Once we agreed that we wanted to work together, the medical screening began. We did not know each other beforehand, but we were able to form a close relationship throughout the pregnancy,” she said.

The mother and the gestational carrier undergo a synchronized cycle, exactly like an egg donor in vitro fertilization cycle, so that the mother’s embryos are ready to transfer when the carrier’s uterus is ready to receive them.

Infant smile fertility centerBearing someone else’s child is a huge responsibility and these women are more than happy to do it. “It is a lot of pressure to be completely responsible for any life, but especially a developing baby. It adds an entirely different type of pressure to have other people who are involved in that process as well. I am also aware of the physical complications that can arise during pregnancy. That is scary to think about at times,” one gestational carrier explained. “The experience is “scary, exciting, stressful and extremely rewarding. Helping someone achieve parenthood is amazing.”

Another carrier described her experience as knowing she had to care for herself the same way she did when she was pregnant with her own children, “I had to take a vow to care for not only myself, but also for someone else’s child.” She also explained that the best part of being a gestational carrier was the fact that she was able to complete a couple’s dream of having their family.

For one gestational carrier, the birth was the climax of the entire experience. “Watching them hold her for the first time was the most amazing feeling in the world. They were in utter disbelief and overcome with love. I was amazed that it was possible to give someone such an amazing gift.”

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