By Debbie Hall

A moment in time and a wedding reunites 2 people after 66 years

Most people remember when they were part of a wedding party even though they might not see those people again.

Even in 2014, many people remember where they were the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Clint Hill and Jackie KennedyThen there is Las Vegas Woman magazine account executive Kay Kolbo’s mother and the author/former secret serviceman Clint Hill who were reunited after 66 years. On June 13, 1948, Marian Kolbo (nee Opitz), then age 24, was the best friend of the bride and Hill, then age 15, was the usher and groomsman and both stood up at the wedding of Kenneth and Beulah Hill. The two would be forever connected by the ceremony and a photograph.

Another famous photograph shows Hill as the secret service agent who jumped on the presidential motorcade to shield First Lady Jackie Kennedy, moments after the President had been shot. Hill is the last surviving passenger of the presidential limousine.

ReunionHe wrote the New York Times bestselling “Mrs. Kennedy and Me,” and has written another book, “Five Days in November,” about the five tragic days surrounding JFK’s assassination, published for the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death on Nov, 22, 1963. North Dakota native Hill was attending Norsk Høstfest, North America’s largest Scandinavian festival, in Minot, N.D. to discuss his book. Kay Kolbo traveled with her 91-year-old mother to see Hill and reunite the two.

“It was very nice to see her again. I only met her the one time before,” Hill said. “Although I did not know her well, it was great to meet her again and spend time with her. It is always so nice to see people you met in the past, especially years ago. We had some memories in common and it was a wonderful experience.”

Head Shot of Clint HillThe book, “Five Days in November” covers the time period from Nov. 21, 1963 to Nov. 25, 1963 beginning with President and Mrs. Kennedy leaving the White House to travel to Texas. He covers the Kennedy’s trip to San Antonio, Houston and Ft. Worth before leaving for Dallas. As well as writing the actual events of the assassination, Hill then explores what happened afterwards when the body was returned to Washington, D.C.; the autopsy and returning the body to the White House. He also escorted Mrs. Kennedy to the Oval Office to retrieve the president’s personal items and the trip to the capital so the body can be placed in state as well as the funeral.

Between tragedy and triumph, two people who were joined by attending a wedding ceremony were able to spend another moment together to add to their memories. Weddings not only join people in holy matrimony but also those who are there to celebrate this joyous occasion.