by Sharon Chayra

Specialty: Chiropractic

Ask any patient to list the three most important things they want in a doctor and chances are bedside manner will rank high. Today’s academic health care institutions now offer courses on empathy, but that’s still no assurance a healthcare provider will understand what the patient is experiencing. Understanding a patient’s needs is key to recovery and one that Dr. Al Simoncelli, founder of Mountain West Chiropractic, knows intimately given his own harrowing experience.

As a college-design/engineering student, Simoncelli was involved in a rear-end collision that fractured his back. The event was traumatizing not just physically, but psychologically when physicians told him he would have to get used to chronic pain.

He refused.

At the urging of a co-worker, Simoncelli reluctantly visited a chiropractor. What he found wasn’t just relief, but inspiration. He dropped out of design/ engineering school, attended the pre-med program at Bloomfield College and graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1988. Today, Dr. Simoncelli’s clinical competencies coupled with a passion to help individuals suffering from acute and chronic conditions fuels both his bedside manner and healing innovations including his design of a therapeutic unit that corrects a multitude of spinal-postural abnormalities.

Mountain West Chiropractic treats a wide variety of health related conditions resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and work accidents. There are no age thresholds for chiropractic care and newborns to seniors can benefit and find quick relief for acute or chronic pain.

What is the most common misconception about chiropractic?
That being adjusted by a chiropractor has risk. Chiropractic is by far the safest form of mainstream healthcare there is, proven by the annual fee for malpractice insurance for all types of doctors. Insurance rates reflect risk and chiropractors pay a fraction of any other healthcare practitioner.

How do you handle a new patient’s visit?
We are committed to giving a very thorough evaluation and then x-ray the area of concern. This is very important that the doctor see what is underlying before any adjustments are done to the spine. With many variations of adjustments and treatment we bring the patient through a brief trial of care to see how the patient responds. Once we determine the best and most effective treatment, we continue with mutual goals with that patient. We find that brings the highest level of success and patient satisfaction.

How does chiropractic work collaboratively with allopathic/osteopathic practitioners?
Chiropractic plays a key role in the wellness of all patients, and co-working with MD’s will help in the overall well-being of the present and future of those patients.

What role does chiropractic play in today’s healthcare landscape?
Chiropractic plays a very vital role in healthcare as it gives the suffering patient a drug-free option to their health. Too many people over-utilize mediation and become addicted to pain medications. We work in conjunction with their MD’s in assisting the patient to reduce or get off these harsh drugs. In addition, our specialty addresses areas of healthcare that is unique.

What is the most important aspect of patient care to you?
I want our patients to have an excellent experience coming to our office.

How do you want to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor and loving husband and father. I have three children—Alec 21, Bradley 16, and Jenna 15—and while the chiropractic profession has been a good vocation for me, I plan on guiding and supporting them to where their passions lie.

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