Edward M. Zimmerman, MD
So you’ve made your resolutions for the New Year and you want look better and feel better. If there are physical changes you want to make, Las Vegas Laser and Lipo has a caring staff and abundant advanced technologies when you are ready to explore your options.

Everyone has their own definition of beauty and health. Dr. Edward Zimmerman of Las Vegas Laser and Lipo makes it clear that it all begins with building a culture of taking care of people.

Patients initially meet one of the patient educators. Marilyn Zimmerman, is one of them. She is highly perceptive, active in the cosmetic surgery industry and teaching for over a decade. She is able to “see” people, compare and contrast the procedures they might consider to enhance their appearance, and help them feel more comfortable. New patients are encouraged to browse through the before and after pictures of other patients who have had similar procedures to further educate themselves. She is also great at assuring that patients get the right procedures done for the right reasons and/or evaluated for bio-identical hormones and supplements when appropriate.

“When I meet the patient, we review their digital photos together, discuss options again, review their history, and do a focused exam,” Dr. Zimmerman explained. “We assure that the patient understands the issues, procedure, recovery and long term goals. I sometimes tell patients, ‘You’re great the way you are, but if you want to make a change, let’s talk about newer technologies that make rejuvenation more comfortable, with quicker recovery?’ I teach around the world, so I get to see innovative technologies before they even get to the United States.”

All of the staff can speak of their personal experience leading up to, during and after their own procedures. As a nationally accredited, office-based surgical facility, Dr. Zimmerman and his staff are continually seeking measurable ways to improve quality and outcome.

Keeping safety at the forefront is the main focus, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and techniques that help to achieve that goal. For example, using thermal imaging (like satellites use) helps Dr. Z know the real-time, distribution of the temperature inside and outside of tissue that is being precisely heated, to tighten or mold it. He now uses a Neuro-Stimulator to map out motor nerves, helping to avoid them during delicate facial surgery and neck and jowl liposculpting. These tools and others: which visualize veins under the skin before IV’s and Low Level Lasers and special lymphatic drainage devices that decrease inflammation after surgery, enhance patient safety, precision and outcome.

“We are here to be of service. Working with people who take joy in the things we are able to achieve with today’s best techniques and technologies makes it all worth it. We offer both surgical and non-surgical options, “Zimmerman said.

So bring on the New You! Explore the possibilities. Schedule a complementary consultation. For more information, call 702.360.6686 or
visit zimmermanmd.com.