Dao Vu answers your most interesting, intimate and out-there questions about love, life and everything in between

Dear Dao,
I work in a relatively small office area where employee interaction is inevitable. Recently, I quit talking to one of my co-workers, who constantly asks me inappropriate questions and makes comments on my appearance, love life and financial status. She has taken offense since I won’t befriend her and is retaliating by trying to get me in trouble at work by making false claims and exaggerating any minor mistake. I’m not sure if I should confront her or just keep ignoring her in the hopes that she will start minding her own business.
From Sandy

Dear Sandy,

No matter how big or small your office, there’s bound to be someone you don’t care for. Every office has a gossiper, a complainer, someone that’s loud, rude, an attention seeker, trouble maker, or instigator. Most likely, your co-workers have her pegged as well. Your appearance, love life and finances are no one’s business but yours. Who you choose to interact with is obviously your choice, but some people just can’t or won’t understand why they aren’t everyone’s favorite. You can’t be expected to like everyone, nor can everyone be expected to like you. Keep doing your work and set your boundaries with this person. Your work should speak for itself no matter what she tries to stir up, and hopefully your boss will see that. If she makes snippy comments at you, make sure you stick up for yourself and be just as vocal. If you think speaking to her will help, then do it. But if you think it will inflame her, then just keep your distance and be professional. Just remember, if she sees that you are weak or you appear intimidated, her attacks are likely to become more frequent and bothersome. Another approach to try is whenever her behavior isn’t appropriate, you could simply say, let’s be professional. Then walk away or go back to your work and ignore her. Whatever you do… just don’t be a doormat.

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