Las Vegas Dentists Reach Out to Honduras

On July 25, 2012, a group of dentists from different parts of the world arrived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on a mission sponsored by the first lady of Honduras, Rosa Elena De Lobo, the president of Honduras and the Taiwanese Embassy in Honduras to donate their time, skills and dental implants donated by OsseoFuse. The event was coordinated and organized by The Dental Implant Institute Worldwide led by Dr. Leon Chen and Dr. Jennifer Cha.

Dentists Dr Cha and Dr ChenThe mission started on July 26, 2012 and ended on July 28, 2012 where 250 dental implants were placed on more than 100 Hondurans allowing them to chew properly and to get proper digestion and nutrition. During this time the group of international doctors had lunch at the Casa Presidencial and visited the Autonoma University of Honduras where the mission was going to take place over the course of the next three days.

The first day of the mission started out with set up and screenings on the candidate patients and Osseofuse dental implants were selected. This took place at the Autonoma University of Honduras with the assistance of the odontology students, staff, directors, Dean Dr. Lourdes Murcia and faculty members. On this day Dr. Chen gave a short lecture on dental implants to the university students. The First Lady of Honduras, Dr. Lobo, The Health Minister Dr. Arturo Bendana and the Taiwan Ambassador Joseph Y.L. Kuo in Honduras plus several news outlets visited the group of doctors while they were performing the dental implant procedures at the university. They also celebrated Dr. Cha’s birthday on this day.

Dr Jennifer Cha and Dr Leon ChenThe second and third day of the mission continued with screenings and more dental implants placed on selected patients. Also on the third day, the University’s Principal, Dr. Julieta Castellanos, visited the group of doctors and thanked them for the excellent job they performed. A farewell dinner was held for the all the doctors, staff and several of the Honduras representatives and their family members.

On Jan. 24, Dr. Chen and Dr. Cha returned to Honduras to meet the new First Lady who has made it her mission is to improve the education of young children. The first lady also wants to improve the children’s overall health including dental health and wants to educate the parents and children on the importance of proper preventative dental care.

The Dental Implant Institute provided doctors with clinical expertise and implant services to the patients on a volunteer basis. That equals roughly 1 million dollars in U.S. currency in patient services. The Dental Implant Institute also implemented basic training for local dentists for implant placement and restoration during the time of the mission. The donated OsseoFuse implants, bone and miscellaneous parts cost roughly $100,000.

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