General Dentistry with a focus on cosmetic, reconstructive and TMJ

Dr. Laurie has been practicing for more than 27 years and offers general dentistry with a focus on cosmetic, reconstructive and TMJ. Dr. Laurie is committed to presenting comprehensive dental care, accepting complicated restorative cases, creating the best possible solutions to restore a natural smile. Dr. Laurie’s first rule is that she only sees one patient at a time.

Dentists of the Desert Dr Laurie Bloch-JohnsonExplain what happens when a patient walks into your reception area.
The first thing they notice is the comfortable, quiet reception area, designed to be more like a living room in a home instead of a typical waiting room. Cookies are baked several times a day and offered along with several types of coffee and tea. Wine is offered in the afternoon.

What is it like in the examination room?
After being seated in the state-of-the-art examination room, the patient can look out and watch 40 birds in an enclosed aviary. During the initial visit, a complete executive physical of the mouth and teeth is conducted. One of the many uses for the 47-inch television in each exam room is that a camera takes photos of the examination so the patient can see exactly what I see with my magnifying glasses. My team of three highly trained professionals, along with myself, focuses on the one patient to create a one of a kind experience that is comfortable and thorough.

The first visit usually takes about 90 minutes, of which I personally spend about 45 minutes with the patient. I have found that by investing that much time and detail into the first visit, it saves the patient time. Often, patients are accustomed to the one tooth at a time approach and sometimes (the visit occurs) when a tooth is broken or they are in pain. If the patient can see exactly what is going on in their mouth, they can make an informed choice on how they want to proceed. The time frame for the ideal treatment can be adjusted to fit the patients schedule and budget.

What are some of the services you offer?
Non-Surgical Facelift is one. Teeth break down or suffer from wear and tear as the years pass. By restoring the length of the teeth to their original size, the lips and profile will become fuller and more youthful. By building up the back teeth, this creates less wrinkles, tighter necks and stronger chins for a more youthful appearance and better dental health.

Many Americans suffer from headaches, migraines or unexplained pain in the face, jaw or teeth. Others suffer from a pain in the neck or back, tingling in the fingers or ringing in their ears. Some have earaches, recurring or constant jaw pain, or tooth pain. I have discovered in my practice that many times the medical condition is temporomandibular joint disorder. The most common cause of TMD is malocclusion, known as a bad bite and I can fix that and cure the condition. Many patients find that a lifetime of headaches or jaw pain is eliminated or greatly reduced.

What is your philosophy on dental health?
I advocate good internal health, as well as a beautiful smile. The best analogy to explain this concept is that of a home. While one can decorate and make their home beautiful, if the foundation is cracked and shifting, there will be problems and the home can eventually collapse, despite the pretty facade.

It is the same with teeth. While so much can be done to create a beautiful smile, it is essential that any functional problems with teeth, mouth and gums are addressed and treated. A smile makeover is just cosmetic while a full mouth reconstruction combines both aesthetics and function.

However, the decision is totally up to the patient and I strive to make certain each person is empowered with choices.

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