Devotion Vodka FlavorsDevotion Vodka is sugar-free, gluten-free and 100 percent made in America flavored vodka with flavors such as blackberry and blueberry, coconut, blood orange, wild cherry, cosmo, tiki tea and original.

According to Drew Adelman, president and founder, the name and bottle represent drive, dedication and devotion. “These words describe the exact way our team tackles all daily challenges in life. Drive, Dedication, Devotion; whether physical, spiritual or intellectual, having an unwavering commitment to any cause, big or small, represents the Devotion mentality. Never giving up on the path to achieving goals is our vision, and embodies the Devoted Drinker.”

As for the inspiration behind the bottle, according to Adelman, “How do you package and bottle drive, dedication and devotion? You think of that one purpose in your life. Mine is my daughter Nicole, the little angel that has given me so much in life. She has my heart and guides it in all the right directions without even knowing it. Her white angel wings are wrapped around my clear heart as her heart beats within. Nothing can ever compare or will ever compare to the lifetime of devotion I have for my angel.”

Devotion Vodka is distilled six times, multi-filtered from 100 percent high grade USA non-GMO Corn in a state-of-the-art distillery located in Middleton, Wis. Utilizing a unique process of deionizing water to ensure the highest quality water source, this process also implements the finest example to date of vodka blending and processing.

Additionally, Devotion’s flavoring process is unique. The company has teamed-up with Allen Flavors, maker of Arizona Iced Tea—the No. 1 privately owned flavoring company—to develop a process of eliminating sugars as a flavoring agent in vodka. In lieu of sugar, Devotion Vodka uses an essence process along with natural flavor compounds to ensure its flavored vodkas are created without the unnecessary sugars and sweeteners.

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Devotion - Black and BlueBlack & Blue: This is the first and only blackberry and blueberry flavored vodka in the industry. Devotion Vodka has carefully chosen the sweet rich taste of Oregon blackberries and blended them with the crisp, zesty, mild bitterness of fresh California blueberries. The blackberries and blueberries have a unique berry profile that is extremely versatile for all types of cocktails.
Its profile:
Aroma – Vibrant, ripe notes of floral jam
Appearance – Exquisite pristine clarity
Texture – Consistently smooth and fresh
Palate – Well-balanced levels of sweetness with a hint of bitterness
Finish – Bold start that calms to a mild finish

Black & Blue Lemonade

2 ounces Devotion Black and Blue
4 blueberries
4 blackberries
4 basil leaves

Muddle berries gently in a high ball glass and add ice
Fill glass with sugar-free lemonade
Garnish with basil

Devotion - TikiTeaTiki Tea consists of natural sweet tea flavors from a selection of premium teas from around the world, combined with tones of honey and citrus zests for a robust flavor profile.
Its profile:
Aroma – Naturally, clean bouquet of sweet tea essences
Appearance – Natural tea color
Texture – Velvety smooth texture
Palate – Mature, well-balanced round levels of distinct tea flavor
Finish – Smooth start with a smooth calm finish

Devoted Tiki Tea

2 ounces Devotion Tiki Tea
Fill a highball glass with lemonade
Garnish with a lemon wedge