Smile Makeovers

Porcelain Veneers – “Instant Orthodontics”
Are you considering improving your smile? You’re not alone. Porcelain veneers are state-of-the-art ways to straighten teeth, close gaps, whiten teeth, correct crowded teeth, give you a more youthful smile… the list goes on and on.

• Have more confidence both personally and professionally
• Be more expressive, reveal the real you
• Laugh more
• Enjoy better overall health, feel better about yourself
• Regain your youth, feel more vibrant
• Look fabulous, wherever you go, whenever you go

Non-Surgical Facelifts

Over time, everything wears out… including your smile
As time takes its toll, one of the most visible signs of aging is your changing smile. Front teeth, back teeth – they all wear or break down as the years pass.

It’s not just your smile, but your facial appearance too.

As your teeth age and wear, the space between your upper and lower jaw closes, and your chin moves closer to your nose. As a result the lower third of your face “squishes up.” You will see:

• Your lips change shape – they will get thinner as you age
• Jowls appear on the side of your lower jaw
• A deep crease between your chin and lower lip
• The skin of your lower face “squishing” together
• Wrinkles and thin, compressed lips that will make you look older than you are

Rebuilding your teeth to their youthful dimensions will not only give you a beautiful new smile, but restore your facial fullness taking years off your appearance!

Molar Cosmetics – Filling Upgrades

Your Back Teeth – The Hidden Dangers
Over the past 40 years, many advances have been made in the materials and techniques used to fill cavities and repair decayed teeth. When fillings were first introduced, they were all made of amalgam, a metal mixture containing mercury. These fillings are not desirable for a variety of reasons: they are prone to cracking over time, very noticeable – often turning black with age, and contain mercury. For all these reasons, dental filling upgrades that use metal-free materials are more timely than ever.

Aside from the reasons listed above, composite and porcelain filling upgrades offer many benefits over amalgam. When you upgrade your metal fillings to porcelain for composite, they are:

• Custom made to create a better seal with your teeth
• Stronger and harden much more quickly than amalgam
• Match the natural color and sheen of your teeth
• More stable and don’t expand/contract in extreme hot and cold temperatures – which can cause your teeth to be sensitive and weaken overtime
• Prevent tooth abscesses and root canals

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