Healing the sick and advocating for health care

Dr. Florence Jameson has spent her life dedicated to family, health care and community. Along with her many accomplishments, she is founder and CEO of Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, a free health clinic dedicated to providing medical services to the uninsured and working poor who don’t have access to medical care.
“Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada is a free and charitable medical clinic which is providing quality health care in a culture of caring for the working uninsured and unemployed in Southern Nevada,” she explained. “We are the safety net to the safety net. We believe that every man, woman and child in Nevada should have access to health care.”

With the Affordable Health Care Act in effect, Dr. Jameson stated, “The ACA estimated 26 million will remain uninsured after full implementation in the year 2020. These individuals are likely to include people who are exempt from the mandate, in most cases because they do not have access to affordable coverage, people who are subject to the mandate but choose to pay the penalty rather than purchase health insurance and immigrants who are not legal residents and therefore not eligible for Medicaid coverage or for federal premium subsidies. Many workers, particularly low-wage workers, do not have access to affordable coverage or cannot afford their share of the premiums. The recent economic recession has also led to the loss of jobs and employer-sponsored insurance.”

Dr. Jameson knows firsthand what a big difference an altruistic medical provider can make. After her father went to prison, her mother struggled to provide for herself and her family.

“My inspiration was my family doctor who took care of my family when I was a child growing up in San Diego,” she said. “He was incredibly benevolent and a brilliant physician. He was always there to help, whether you could pay or not.” Dr. Jameson vowed someday to “pay it forward.”

She also acknowledges her parents, especially her mother, for her inspiration. “When my mother became a single mother, she continued to work very, very hard. She never gave up. She tried her very best always. Thank you, mom.”

Dr. Jameson attended UCLA School of Medicine where she earned her medical degree, and Cedar Sinai where she did her residency in obstetrics and gynecology. She is a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Jameson has been recognized by the community for her extraordinary accomplishments including: the Sunrise Hospital First Humanitarian Award, the Red Cross Everyday Health Heroes award, the Harold Lee Feikes Physician of the Year Award for Community Service and Las Vegas Woman Magazine’s Best Doctor award voted by fellow physicians. Prior to starting VMSN, she opened a clinic at the Juvenile Justice Center of Southern Nevada to care for incarcerated young girls.

Dr. Jameson stated, “My No. 1 advisor was and will always be God. Every day I pray for his will in my life to be done, to guide me in what I should do each day.” As for her personal life, Dr. Jameson loves her family and her garden. “My husband of 30-plus years is my best friend of 44 years. My children Michael (23) and Julia (22) are the light of my life. My favorite past-time is working in my garden.”

Dr. Jameson’s vision is that no child or adult will ever go to bed at night sick without much needed healthcare. Her mission is to bring the community together to create a safety net of clinics which will provide quality healthcare in a culture of caring. She is part of the solution as a Fearless Female.