Balancing marriage, motherhood while managing high power business

Since 2011, Erika Pope and Marina Nicola have owned and operated Vox Solid Communications. The name is a spin on the expression rock solid – the word vox is Latin for voice, so the name Vox Solid is to have a strong voice.

Reuniting after working in public affairs/public relations at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority in the mid-2000s, Pope and Nicola have more than 30 combined years of experience in marketing, public relations, journalism and social media.

Pope is married to Clinton with two sons (Carter, 6 and Holden, 4) and a daughter (Calla, 7 months). Nicola is also married to Joe and has three sons, Alexander, age 10, Jasen, age 7, and Robert, age 2.

With young children at home and a high powered communications company, these two women decided to redefine how they would operate their business and have created a business model allowing them to be with their children while maintaining professionalism with several high powered clients.

Pope was an Air Force brat moving frequently before making the move to Las Vegas to pursue a career in public relations with LVCVA.

Her influence was “Rob Powers, who hired me at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority shortly after I moved to Las Vegas. His easy way of effectively handling tough media issues, as well as passion for what we represented (Las Vegas), was impressive to me,” she said.

Pope considers the late Nancy Murphy (who passed away in 2013) one of her mentors, “a sales and marketing powerhouse in Las Vegas with whom I worked at the LVCVA. She made an effort to reach out and humanize interactions in this city.”

Nicola was born and raised in Las Vegas and admitted, “My initial career goal was to be a television news director but obviously plans change.
“In the beginning of my career, my husband and I were living in Phoenix then Los Angeles. When we moved back, I applied at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. I had worked in journalism and then transitioned to PR. I figured, this would be the career change that would help me to not only appreciate Las Vegas and the tourism industry in a brand new way as a native but also enable me to learn all aspects of it.”

Nicola’s inspiration is her late mother, Gigi Hansen. “She was Filipina and spoke 14 fluent languages. She worked as a translator for hotels and eventually Washington, D.C. She was an inspiring role model because she’d walk into a room filled with men, all wondering why she was there. Then she’d speak and instantly command the room. From Russian to Portuguese to Mandarin, it was a sight as a young girl to watch her mother to continually surprise everyone with her vast knowledge of languages.”

Along with their young families and thriving business, the two also find time to volunteer. Pope has been a CASA volunteer for the better part of 14 years advocating for kids in the foster care system. “I also enjoy supporting the Be Kind mission of the Josh Stevens Foundation,” she said. “Just recently, I signed up to volunteer with the leading drop-out prevention organization, Communities in Schools of Nevada, as a high school mentor and am looking forward to that.”

Nicola serves on the advisory board of the Public Education Foundation; committees for the Nevada Restaurant Association and oversee media efforts for Chefs to the Max, the newly-created ongoing dinner series designed to help critically injured food journalist Max Jacobson.

These two devoted wives, mothers and successful business women have created a fulfilling life for themselves and are a true example of two Fearless Females.