Engaged in the community

Native Las Vegan Joceyln Bluitt-Fisher, the new director of community relations for Wynn Resorts, has always given back to her hometown.

Before coming to Wynn, she was the director of community engagement for MGM Resorts where she oversaw The MGM Foundation and volunteer programs and Senior Neighborhood Services Specialist for the city of Las Vegas. Bluitt-Fisher has helped design several education and youth engagement programs while also serving as a board member of The Public Education Foundation, the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition’s Committee on Homelessness and the Las Vegas Urban League. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Xavier University in Louisiana and her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In fact, for the first time in Wynn Resorts’ history, an employee-contribution campaign was implemented where its 12,000 team members can begin to make financial contributions to a nonprofit of their choice through United Way. Most of her time is spent continuing to grow and develop WE Connect, Wynn Resorts’ community relations program, and partnering with United Way. “It is about the impact we can make when we connect together as one company and connect with our community partners,” she said.

“Working on the Strip opened my eyes to an untold story here in our community,” Bluitt-Fisher explained. “I was overwhelmed by how much the gaming companies invest back into their communities. These businesses have a vested interest in the quality of life in their host communities; not only to support the vitality of their business, but to support the health and wellbeing of their employees as well. Not every industry has that same heart and compassion. I think that is inspiring and I cannot imagine working anywhere else.”

As for working in community service, Bluitt-Fisher stated, “My parents always stressed the importance of giving back to those around you as a way of showing thanks for the blessings in your life. I still remember waking up early on the weekends as a child and being ‘volun-told’ to participate in service projects with my church. This carried over into participating in service organizations and service projects in high school and college. Volunteer service helped me to connect with and learn more about the issues in my community. It also helped me to realize that even the most fortunate person could fall upon hard times given the right combination of unfortunate circumstances.”

According to Bluitt-Fisher, for anyone looking for a career in community relations, the minute community becomes about the person and not the community, that person is not of service to the community. She stressed that one needs passion, knowledge and expertise as well as understanding how successful nonprofit agencies are operated. “The advice and guidance that you offer to your employer should be based on facts from all sides of an issue and knowing who or what is working and making the biggest impacts in their efforts to address community issues. In this field, knowledge is your biggest asset. Passion will only get you so far.”

As a mother, her biggest inspiration is her twin three-year-olds. “I love the way they look at the world. Small, simple things make them happy and giggly and they throw 100 percent of their energy into everyday until they pass out from sheer exhaustion at the very end. Most of all, they can bounce back happily from anything. I love their resilience and I try to have a little bit of their spirits in my mindset each day.” The residents and visitors to Southern Nevada are fortunate to have Joceyln Bluitt-Fisher as a Fearless Female.