Overseeing a local’s favorite spot from all aspects

Stacy Stagg, vice president and assistant general manager of Sunset Station Hotel and Casino, has always worked in the service industry. Her first job, while attending high school, was as a line cook and dishwasher. She continued her education while working in various restaurants. Stagg also met and married her husband, had two children and moved to Las Vegas in 1990.

“It was a natural progression for me to move into management when I did. Prior to joining Station Casinos in 1995 as a food server, I had been working in the food and beverage industry in various capacities for nearly 15 years already,” Stagg explained. “However, my inspiration and desire to move into management was catapulted once I joined Station Casinos and experienced the culture and values the company resonated.

“The food and beverage director at Texas Station is the one who is really responsible for identifying my abilities and giving me the confidence to migrate into management,” she said. “I jumped on the management bandwagon at that time and I’m really glad I did. I’ve noticed in the service industry it is hard for people to give up the tokes or gratuities to move into a manager role so they remain in the hourly capacity. I sacrificed early to be a part of the evolution and growth in our company and it has paid off for me nearly 19 years later. It was a great opportunity and everything seemed to come together for me.”

Three women have also influenced Stagg and helped to encourage her follow her dreams. “I gravitated to the women early in my career because 20 years ago it was really rare to see female vice presidents and general managers in Las Vegas in the gaming industry,” Stagg said.

Cookie Dressler was one of the first female general managers in Las Vegas and employed by Station Casinos. She had also started in the company at an entry level position and worked her way up to a general manager.

Renee West, president and chief operating officer of Luxor and Excalibur, was on staff at Station Casinos and helped Stagg navigate from the food and beverage department into human resources and training and development.

Valerie Murzl, senior vice president of Human Resources for Station Casinos, has been with the company for 17 years and Stagg observed Murzl’s candid and insightful management style as a woman at the top of the organization.

“Honestly, I believe women have a different perspective from men and that viewpoint has been a great addition to our casino industry. I think having a good mix on your team of males and females really rounds out a team,” Stagg said.

Stagg has been involved with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Hotel Mentorship program for the past five years. One of her mentees, Sophia Ahmad, was Mentee of the Year at UNLV and is now going on to law school.

In 2013, Stagg worked side by side with one of Station Casinos’ youngest owners who needed operational experience to attain entrance into the MBA program. The owner was assigned to work with Stagg to gain knowledge of how a property is managed day to day, “was such an advantage to our property’s growth. Her perspective was invaluable and I learned a lot from her last year,” Stagg stated.

“I love being on a property with the ability to talk to team members and the guests. Looking for areas to improve, change or enhance can be so motivating and rewarding. It isn’t just a job it’s a lifestyle and I really love what I do!” Stacy Stagg embodies being a true Fearless Female.