Understanding and getting the message out

Stephanie Wilson, who founded Wicked Creative in 2006, has grown the company into one of the top agencies in the market representing travel, dining, celebrity, nightlife, beauty, wellness and entertainment clients.

Born in Grand Junction, Colo., and growing up in different places (attending nine different elementary schools), Wilson explained, “I like to think this helps me quickly adapt to new situations. However, I’m still very much a mountain girl at heart.”

She attended Colorado State University majoring in technical journalism with an emphasis on public relations, along with minors in advertising and psychology. In choosing her career, Wilson explained, “I love news, but I’m too emotional for hard news. I love to write, but I’m too social for a newsroom. In my job I can combine my love of writing, people and the hospitality industry. It never gets boring to be able to do things you feel passionately about. I’m very lucky.”

One challenge for Wilson was when her son was diagnosed with autism after his pediatrician recognized there was a problem. She credits the doctor for getting her and her son on the path of intensive therapy as part of early intervention when her son was 15 months old. “It was a lot of work and sometimes exhausting for both of us, but it changed our lives.” Happily, Teo now functions as any normal four-year-old child

Wilson is also inspired by any woman who can master taking care of her family while running a business. “Anita Mann from Anita Mann Productions, which produces FANTASY at Luxor, is at the top of that list for me. When I was pregnant with my son she eased my fears by telling me how she would teach choreography with a baby in a sling. I can totally picture her doing that, and whenever I feel overwhelmed I think about Anita.”

With a staff of mostly women, Wilson admits, “I’m really proud of the women who have worked for Wicked Creative and their current successes, either at my company or at new positions. I know I’m not always easy to work for and my expectations are high, but I always do my best to take one-on-one time to help with writing, planning and understanding the industry. Some of my past employees are now in executive positions at some of Las Vegas’ top hotels. Jennie Miller was promoted to director of Wicked Creative this year, and I’m very proud of her. She is smart, cares and works incredibly hard. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to see employees like Jennie and the others at Wicked Creative grow.”

She advises other women entering the field of public relations that can be a difficult job. Wilson tells those considering this career to understand that working in hospitality public relations can mean 60 hour work weeks, time away from home, and having to blur the lines between personal and professional life. “But, the rewards mean working in a job that changes every day, never gets boring, and is consistently presenting new challenges,” she added.

The agency donates services to The Dave Rice Foundation that raises money to support autistic charities and The Shade Tree particularly for its annual Girls Night Out event and Wilson serves on the Steering Committee for Keep Memory Alive’s annual Power of Love gala in honor of the two grandparents she lost to Alzheimer’s.

Wilson also spends time with her son including riding bikes, going for a run and swimming and always demonstrates living her life as a Fearless Female.