Voice on the radio reaches out to Las Vegas

For those who love music and listen to radio in Southern Nevada, Terrie Springs has entertained and informed listeners since moving to Las Vegas in 1992.

Springs’ broadcasting career includes KUDA/Oldies 107.5 FM, Klassy/Lite 100, 97.1 The Point and 105.7 The Oasis before being hired by Beasley Broadcasting to help start KCYE/The Coyote with a country music format. After KKLZ changed its format to The Greatest Hits of All Time in 2007, Springs was asked to complete the station’s new line-up, same shift and a few doors down the hall. According to Springs, “I’ve been having fun there ever since.”

She is honored to have won the Electronic Media Awards (EMA) for best on-air talent two times. But Springs is more than a broadcaster.

“Charity work becomes more important as you spend more years here and really understand the needs of those in Las Vegas. Another blessing of my job is the chance to make a difference through my position in the media,” she said.

Her husband of 21 years, David Allen, and Springs participated in Three Square Food Bank SNAP Experience, where participants were limited to spending $18.55 for 15 meals over five days. “I volunteered because they also are trying to promote healthy eating. I knew I could do it, but it wasn’t easy. Most of the mayors also stepped up, and the group blog is still available at snapexperiencelv/blog. We all shared how humbled we felt, it’s something none of us will forget.”

Spring also supports the Salvation Army and many animal groups. “I help as many as I possibly can because my ultimate dream is for Las Vegas to become a no-kill community. We all have to work together to achieve it, and it’s a long road, but I believe we can and will never stop trying. I’m on the side of every single, innocent soul who can’t speak for themselves. They are at our mercy.”

This includes The Poppy Foundation, Las Vegas Valley Humane Society hosting the Wag-A-Tail Walkathon and Fur Ball and The Animal Foundation. Her love for animals has motivated her to create the KKLZ Pets Page 963kklz.com.

Springs is also involved in counseling for newly-diagnosed individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. “After being given that same diagnosis in Scottsdale in 1988, my attitude on life changed for good,” Springs explained. “I understand that MS can drastically change my life at any time, and it knocks you down every now and then. I will always get back up—slowly, maybe, but I will. One of my keynote speeches for the MS Society in Phoenix was life has no guarantees, I don’t take my vision, ability to talk, walk, even think clearly for granted. That’s why my job on-air is a joy every single day. You may see me with a cane to walk better, but I am so blessed. Others I know with MS experience frequent pain and I have none. I can walk and see.”

Nutrition is also a passion of Springs and she hopes to be able to study it more formally in the future. “I believe food is medicine. I insist on cooking just about everything we eat in our house, and we’ve become primarily vegetarian.”

Springs is grateful to her husband and, considering they met when he hired her for an on-air position, believes he made everything possible.

“I fell in love with radio, and was lucky to have people who gave me a chance. I find I always achieve the most when I work for someone who believes in me. I hope everyone is blessed to have that experience at some point in their life.” This spoken by a true Fearless Female.