Driven by Purpose and Style

Fresh Wata DesignIt all starts with a brainstorming session to get creative juices flowing. Outlandish and simple ideas are tossed around an eccentric meeting room, and the better ones develop on a bright drawing board—and later become renderings in a proposal or on mood boards. Clients then get to review and approve designs offered by fresh-squeezed minds. Once the go-ahead is given, Fresh Wata gets to dive into production and have crazy fun making concepts fruition.

Fresh Wata is a national design, event and production firm headquartered in Las Vegas with offices in Hollywood, San Diego, Phoenix, Kansas City and Canton, Ohio. Their crazy ideas and the flexibility and scalability of those ideas are what set Fresh Wata apart from other event companies. Together, they help coordinate design and manage events for CBSi, AOL, CNET, Nickelodeon, Sprint, Univision, HGTV, ESPN, Nokia/Microsoft, HBO, History Channel, Wired Magazine, Fiji Water, FOX and a myriad of unique and fun clients.

“It’s always great when you have people on your team that just get it and you guys absolutely do. Thank you for being a step ahead of us and on top of every detail.” – Nickelodeon

The core of Fresh Wata’s service encompasses planning along with building and developing style for corporate and social events, meetings, environments, exhibits and productions. The firm extends their imaginative concepts, skilled craftsmen, installers, wood and upholstery shop, and talented designers to collaborate with clients and bring visions to life in the following areas:
FWED – n. (ph-wed) Fresh Wata Event Design – commonly derived from fresh squeezed creative minds
FWID – n. (ph-wid) Fresh Wata Interior Design – commonly derived from fresh squeezed creative minds unlocking one space at a time
FWEX – n. (ph-wex) Fresh Wata Exhibits and Trade Show Booths – commonly derived from an out-of-this-universe interactive structure
FWIP – n. (ph-wip) Fresh Wata Interactive Productions – commonly derived from fresh 3D interactive experiences

Fresh Wata SettingAll-star designers working at Fresh Wata offer a distinct background in events, graphic and interior design, video and technical direction, architecture, marketing, and program development. These producers and coordinators utilize Fresh Wata’s far-reaching resources to plan, execute and carefully craft the framework for nearly any event’s success.

Take Pharrell William’s last birthday for example. With a week’s notice, its team put together a wonderful SpongeBob-themed 41st birthday party for Skateboard P in New York City. Fresh Wata’s designer and top producer, Lisette Elhayani, quickly responded to the request and hustled to deliver an event less than a millimeter short of perfection with her Los Angeles team and project coordinators alongside Nickelodeon. The Bikini Bottom birthday celebration had stellar design and production components including: massive, glowing jellyfish floating throughout the venue; Patrick Star’s ROCK home recreated with a pitched geodesic dome and swanky lounge furniture underneath; and a lifeguard DJ booth with Q-Tip on the decks.

With over 20 years in the event industry, co-founder and president of Fresh Wata, Tricia Costello is taking events and design to new depths. Last winter the company opened a pop-up shop and Downtown Project’s Container Park for 90 days.

“When we received wind about a ‘shipping container complex’ in construction downtown, we couldn’t help but think of ways to get involved. The idea was too cool to just wait around for its grand opening,” said Costello. Curious to experience the workings of retail and make more collisions, its event design and production team took turns working in the FW Lab and sharing its company’s story with visitors.

Thanks to decades of first-hand experience paired with learned and shared history, Fresh Wata’s production teams bring a strong point of view. They research, strategize, plan, create and manage multidimensional settings and engagements for deeper experiences.