By Kelly A. Garrett

Puts Family First While Achieving Success

Gloria Quick - Las VegasWho says you can’t have it all. For Gloria Quick the challenge was finding a balance between work and family: a challenge she not only accepted but conquered. It wasn’t that Quick’s journey was prophetically guided or her path was any less fraught with the struggles everyone faces from time to time. In fact, when she found the vehicle that allowed her to reach her destination without having to compromise her priorities, it was at a time when adversity and profound loss was navigating her life. Quick is a formidable force with a kind and empathetic heart. But what makes her so inspiring is that what began as a personal journey became a convoy of success for women and men across the country.

Quick (then Hale) grew up in Las Vegas and married her college sweetheart Mike. After working years in sales and marketing, Quick was laid off from her job in 2012. She found a new job but shortly after being hired, both of her parents began to experience health issues.

“The hospice nurse said my father could pass away any minute,” Quick explained.

She exhausted her leave at work and when faced with the choice to keep her job or be with her family, she chose her family. It was during this time that she saw a post on Facebook about Rodan + Fields, the latest business venture from the doctors who created Proactiv.

“I was intrigued because this was exactly what I was looking for and I quickly realized it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I have leveraged these famous doctors’ credibility by sharing products that have made me appear ten years younger. It’s social commerce at its finest which means I can run my business anytime; anywhere I have an Internet connection. And I don’t have to choose between providing for my family and being with my family.

Sadly, Quick lost both of her parents just 22 days apart. “I am so grateful that I was able to be there for them. Last February, I was with my daughter Breanna when my grandson was born. I drove my daughter Tiara to college last fall and now I’m available to pick up my stepson Kohl from school. To me, this is priceless.”

If you can change your mindset and start believing that anything is achievable, your whole life opens up to amazing new possibilities.
It’s by sharing this message that she has grown a team of other business-minded individuals who span the nation changing lives with this unique business model. Rodan + Fields is an award-winning, medical grade skincare line where its focus this time is aging skin and independent business ownership. “If you can change your mindset and start believing that anything is achievable, your whole life opens up to amazing new possibilities.” Quick said.

In January 2015, Rodan + Fields will again change the face of skincare when they officially launch their latest proprietary anti-aging product, ACUTE CARE with state-of-the-art, patented liquid cone technology.

“These easy to use patches contain two ingredients: 99.9 percent hyaluronic acid and .1 percent peptides. Fill a wrinkle while you sleep, no needle required. Results can be seen overnight and when used along with our REDEFINE or REVERSE regimen, the results are unprecedented. Now people can have the best skin of their life as my preferred customer and/or join me as we continue to launch this business across the United States and Canada as well. I will never stop sharing this gift of financial and time freedom.”

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