By Rev. Thabiti

Back in the day men used to honor women in ways that seem to be in stark contrast to how they do today. Men would not use profanity or cuss in the presence of a lady. Men would also remove their hats in the presence of a lady. Men would assist her with everything from holding her hand going up and down steps to getting the door as she moves in and out of cars and buildings. In the story of the Titanic, the most important people to save were “Women and children first!”

From a scriptural basis a woman is God’s greatest gift to man. In other words, she is the most precious part of man’s existence. She takes his name and provides him ecstatic pleasures, relieves his sexual tensions and takes his seed and produces children. This procreation process sustains our continued existence.

Nowadays we have way too many men who abuse women. Men lie to and cheat on them. They’re called Ho’s and *itches. Women have been beaten, raped, humiliated and taken for granted, disrespected and degraded in every way imaginable by men. Perhaps it’s time to ask “Have we men lost our minds?”
Women are our mothers and grandmothers. Women serve as the portal through which we all enter into existence. Women are our daughters and granddaughters. Women are our sisters, aunts and nieces. Women are our wives and lovers and our closest companion. She is divine and magnificent. She is priceless and her value is beyond measure so much that every kingdom throughout history was built to serve, honor and protect the Queen.

The way to treat a lady is simple. Treat her as if she is the most important thing that God ever made. Pay close attention, shut up and listen to her (sometimes this is all she needs, not advice—just listen). If she is your wife then treat her as if she is the only person that you must answer to, because she is. Always respect and honor her. Don’t threaten, intimidate or yell at her and never strike at her. Always be prepared to defend or protect her from harm. Be honest with her and be faithful and loyal too.

If you’re a man reading this asking “Yeah but what’s in it for me?” means you’ll never be fit for a relationship with her because you’re making it all about you when you should be making it all about her. The only time you can get offended is when you’re making it all about you. The only time you can get angry is when you are making it all about you.

When you approach her with a good and healthy attitude of respect and gratitude and selflessly serve her as a way to glorify the Great God that gave her…you are now on the right track. We don’t give to her to get anything…we give to her because we want her to have everything.

Eternal Blessings.

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