By Taylor Makakoa
Las Vegas is my home, but over time I’ve come to realize that we need to always think of the other home we all share, Planet Earth. That’s why I began a steady transition from a completely conventional lifestyle to one that is blended with sustainable elements.

This past year I started by using materials made from bamboo to clean my house without chemicals. That led to the next step, making my own lotions, makeup and salves: it’s not only easy; it can be economical, healthy and best of all, sustainable.

When you first make your own items you can always find great recipes on the Internet, but after you learn how to be creative with natural oils and powders, you can create your own recipes. And remember, you don’t have to go from zero to Miss Green Sustainable 2014 all at once. There are easy to do small changes you can make.

Here are a few I recommend: Use soap nuts and wool dryer balls to transition away from chemicals.

You can cut down on waste by reusing materials rather than throwing them away. For example glass jars can be reused to store homemade cleaning solutions, lotions and salves.

Garage sales are also an excellent way to find new uses for old items, whether you are buying or selling. Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has frequent garage sales that have great finds, and you can always donate items that you think other people may be able to reuse.

Finally there are some great recycling programs to check out like UNLV’s Drive Up and Drop Off and Heaven Can Wait’s recycling program.
Bottom line, there are many easy and affordable steps you can take to make a practical transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. I hope you try them out!

Taylor Makakoa is model and performer in Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment live at The Mirage