Dessert Before Dinner is an annual fundraiser for the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada featuring pastry chefs in a culinary competition to create the tastiest dessert using Girl Scout cookies. In 2013, the Thin Mint cookie was featured including Girl Scout Brownie, Pineapple “Peppy” Mints, Thin Mint S’mores Verrine, Mint Orange Crepe, Chocolate Mint Tiramisu, Minty Bars, Around the Campfire with a Hint of Mint, Thin Mint Surprise, and Thin Mint S’more Pop Duo. The winning chefs were Cynthia Werth of Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower and Tami White of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Honorees included Shelley Berkley, Irene Bustamante Adams, Jan Jones Blackhurst, Dana Lee, Punam Mathur, and Dr. Kate Zhong.

Photography by Cashman Photo

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