By Debbie Hall

Specialty: Periodontist

A Las Vegas resident since 1973 and mother of five, Dr. Jennifer Cha who is an expert in her field specializes in cosmetic periodontal plastic surgery. Dr. Cha received her Bachelor’s Degree in biology from the University of Las Vegas, Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from Washington University School of Dentistry, and her specialty degree in Periodontics from Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Cha is also a Fellow and Diplomat of the International Board of Oral Implantologists, one of only three dentists in Las Vegas to be awarded this honor.

Along with her husband, Dr. Leon Chen, also an accomplished Periodontist, they opened the first Dental Implant Institute of Las Vegas in 2003. Dr. Cha offers expertise in dental implants and periodontics specifically in full mouth reconstruction. She offers advanced dental care through revolutionary procedures, such as the 5 in 1 Technique, Sinus Lift and Vertical Translation, all procedures developed by the Dental Implant Institute. These procedures are less invasive, causes very little to no pain, has a short term recovery, and provides a much higher rate of success.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jaw bone. Its purpose is to replace the missing root of a tooth. There are many types of dental implants which vary in shape and architecture. I help design implants that combine the best features of the varying systems which helps both simplify the surgical process and shortens the chair time for the patient. The whole process of placing the implant can take only a matter of minutes. Today, both extraction and implant can be performed together using a technique that is not so new. In fact, it’s been around for about 15 years, something my husband had developed, and is used around the world today. This technique has a faster recovery, and a higher rate of success.

What if I am not a candidate for dental implants?
Everyone is a candidate for dental implants, before you let anyone convince you otherwise. I’d highly recommend you find an implant specialist, one who has the expertise and specializes in dental implants with bone reconstruction.

Who are your typical patients?

In implant dentistry, people (usually) don’t come to you unless they’re in bad shape. The majority of the people that we see, especially since we do full mouth reconstruction, are people who need multiple implants and crowns. But we also see patients that require only one implant, general dental needs and orthodontics.

Explain the procedure created by Dr. Chen.
Hydraulic Sinus Lift is a very sophisticated technique that only few have mastered. The hydraulic sinus lift technique gives the dentist the ability to place implants simultaneously in the sinus, with very minimal pain. Traditionally, implants cannot be placed near the sinus, since the tissue is not thick enough to withstand the procedure. But, with this technique, Dr. Cha can go through the same hole where the tooth was removed, gently lift the tissue (which is the membrane that lines the sinus), and then add bone to create enough space to place the implant under the membrane of the sinus. The implant works like a tent, keeping the membrane elevated. It takes about four months for the implant and bone to integrate.

I usually remove all broken down teeth, cleans out all of the infection from the bone, place the implant(s) and provide the patient with a temporary crown(s) so they can chew soft foods for three or four months during the healing process. With our techniques, we can place multiple implants in under three hours.

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