By Amanda Maynard and Debbie Hall

Specialty: Lasik & Cataract

Siems Lasik & Cataract Center has come a long way from when Dr. Jon Siems, (ophthalmologist) and Amel Youssef, (optometrist) began the practice in 2000. At the time, Dr. Siems made a name for himself by being the first ophthalmologist in Nevada to use the all-laser (IntraLase) method when performing Lasik surgery. This method is now the standard method for Lasik, but Dr. Siems is considered a pioneer for being one of the first in the country to use it. Having performed over 50,000 Lasik surgeries, Dr. Siem’s name has become synonymous with the term Lasik.

Over time, the practice grew so much that it needed to be moved to a larger, more equipped office. The doctors’ vision for the new center was to be a full service vision and surgery center with access to eye exams, cosmetic services and a state of the art optical. The new practice was opened in 2009 and has been called Las Vegas’ premier eye surgery and vision center by visitors of the 7,000 square foot location. Dr. Youssef, head optometrist, took charge of opening the optical located within the Summerlin office. The optical offers a wide selection in glasses, and contains a lab with one hour glasses services.

“I feel that optometry is a profession that introduces patients to eye care, familiarizing them with everything from contact lenses, to glasses and surgical evaluations,” said Dr. Youssef. She’s developed a broad skill set with an emphasis on the management of contact lens complications, the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases as well as post-surgical contact lenses.

The doctors reached their goal of offering cosmetic services recently when they welcomed Dr. Leslie M. Sims who specializes in oculoplastics to join their team.

Harvard and Yale educated Dr. Leslie Sims said, “I feel that it is important that a doctor be knowledgeable, skillful, competent and above all, trustworthy. It is important for me that the patient feels comfortable sharing their concerns and desires concerning their care.”

The combination of the three specialists working together makes Siems Lasik & Cataract Center distinct from other ophthalmologist offices because it offers such a unique variety of interrelated services. Patients have their needs met by highly skilled doctors, working together to reach the best medical outcome. The most recent addition of Dr. Sims, who is one of only four oculoplastics specialists in the state of Nevada, is a large triumph for the doctors as they are now one of the only full service centers to have this type of specialist on staff.

Dr. Siems who specializes in cataract and refractive surgeries states that, “My goal as an ophthalmologist is to offer patients impeccable care and service and the best, most advanced eye care technology available.”

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