By Peter Anthony

End of Summer Hair Fixes

End of summer hair fixesThis summer heat has been wreaking havoc on Las Vegas hair, especially colored hair. With so much invested in your hair keeping it soft, shiny and sexy, it is important to really take care of your hair correctly. Great maintenance will allow you to go easily from color to color and style to style with seasonal changes. Shampoos designed to preserve your color safely have never been more important. Reds have been so strong this year, as have those incredible soft fashion pastels we see on the strip at the hottest clubs. Great simple colors placed within amazing lines create a statement that few can deny.

What we love about this coming fall is the introduction of more curls rolling over from the summer dockside and poolside looks. This will give women more choice when it comes to their hair between color and texture, pairing the waves with the cut by expert styling is going to make your winter and spring fun and sexy.

We have tested many products to get results for keeping hair moisturized and in great condition, here are several of our favorites and how and when to use them:

Let's Talk About Your Hair ProductsFor keeping hair moisturized daily, we love placing in Cream Whip by Arrojo. It is just what we need in Las Vegas as we move into the fall and winter fashion. It allows simple styling with the right amount of moisture and UV protection. It does not add hold so we love to cocktail this product with some thickening and styling sprays lightly placed over which is perfect for smooth drying and even better for enhancing and bringing out natural texture while prepping hair for amazing styling.

We partnered the product with Arrojo’s American Wave Service and the results were fantastic: sexy natural texture placed perfectly into an amazing style. The Cream Whip really keeps the hair soft and shiny through long Las Vegas days and nights.

Another incredible product we have been playing with to get the hair back into amazing condition is ORIBE Masque for Beautiful Color. If we were to share that this is beyond incredible it still might be an understatement. Perhaps it is the Watermelon Extract from the Kalahari Desert, which provides natural protection against oxidative stress, deterioration of natural keratin and damage caused by UV light-induced free radicals. But the results are just worth it. So here is how we have used it. After shampooing, we massage in for five to 10 minutes or if we were having our clients sit by the pool, we had them leave it combed into the hair as a pool side treatment. After, all they needed to do is go home and rinse with cool water. Personally I love this two times a week, but on dry hair or fine colored hair that will not hold moisture in Las Vegas dry heat, then three or even four times is cool. This is a very sexy and indulging treatment and we know you will be addicted.

What we looked for is how easily it rinsed and how well the hair was able to be styled afterward. Be playful and have fun but always keep it sexy! Remember that maintaining is much less stressful then fixing it, especially when it comes to your hair. We love answering your hair questions, so please send them into