The reality show on HGTV, “Brother vs. Brother” features identical brothers Drew Scott, a real estate expert, and Jonathan Scott, a licensed contractor, and their teams in competition to renovate homes on a budget to increase its value. Melissa Roche, one of the participants on Team Drew, won the ultimate price of $50,000 for the second season in a dramatic finale.

As for being part of the show, Roche said, “I was taken aback by how much production goes into making a TV show—all the people involved, all the media, marketing. The show isn’t about who can make the prettiest room, it’s about who can increase the value in the house I had to hold back a lot because I would be thinking on the design side, but at the end of the day, it was about improving the value. I work in teams well, but working in team during a competition causes people to act differently. My strategy on the show was to go in as a team player and a leader, always helping and making sure that the team was successful and that’s not everyone’s end game.”

Roche also explained, “You give them the material, and they put it together the best that they can. An hour of filming is about one minute of TV, so it’s very hard to fit in everything. They take the majority of what you are and that shines through. Also, we were the ones doing all of the work. We got limited help from licensed contractors, but we are the ones doing the majority of the work, and it’s exhausting.”

Born and raised on a farm in Albert Lea, Minn., Roche has worked in hospitality, model home and interior design. She is the owner of the design business, Parlor 430.