By Rev. Tabithi

Simply stated, a genius is a person who takes complexity and simplifies it, for example converting complex calculus equations into simple arithmetic. Everywhere in the Universe beyond all of us and throughout Creation there is evidence of the existence of Pure Genius being expressed as Creative Intelligence. Creative Intelligence combines the Creative Force with the Intelligence force that gives direction to change.

Everywhere throughout life and the cosmos, in strict accordance with the rules governing its existence is the idea of the Pure Genius behind all ideas. Only Pure Genius could make sexual experience so pleasurable. Only Pure Genius could make food taste so delicious. Only Pure Genius would make love or music even possible. Only Pure Genius could create such magnificent beauty.

Only Pure Genius would make sure that everything has its perfect opposite. For example, there is night and day, male and female, left wing and right wing politics, in and out, hot and cold and positive and negative.

Only Pure Genius would come up with the idea of the arts and sciences and the feminine and masculine principles. The Masculine cannot advance into it its full potential without her and the Feminine cannot advance into her full potential without him. Pure Genius.

Only Pure Genius would come up with the idea of comedy so that we can laugh and be as joyful as we want to be. Only Pure Genius would make sure that we always have unlimited things to create, do and enjoy.

Only Pure Genius would come up with wind and rain to help us keep the place clean down here. Only Pure Genius would allow the movement of the breath over vocal chords, trombones, saxophones, trumpets and horns in a way causing us to hear songs and sounds.

Pure Genius also sees to it that nothing happens until all of the conditions are met that are required for it to happen. Nothing happens until something moves.

The only ones who never get it are the ones who have decided to convince themselves otherwise. We must convince ourselves that we don’t have money, otherwise we are wealthy. We must convince ourselves that we don’t have everything, otherwise we do.

We must first convince ourselves that we are not enlightened, or else we are. However, by initially convincing ourselves that we are not enlightened is what sparks our quest to becoming enlightened. When we eventually reach that “ah ha” moment of becoming enlightened; search is suddenly over. We are no longer prisoners being shackled by erroneous beliefs or seeming circumstances. This is when we have reached that heavenly perception called All is Well and Life is Good all of the time.

We have searched high and low with telescopes and microscopes in a never ending search trying to find the invisible essence of the Pure Genius. We’ve tried to find it through reading books, attending church, taking classes, workshops, seminars, webinars and retreats. Eventually some of us will come to discover that what we are searching for, we already have it and we have had it the entire time.

Only Pure Genius would secretly hide itself and the most sought after truths within each and every one of us because it knew that in our search to find it, the last place we will ever think to look is within our own self.

Happiest Blessings

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