Nurture the support that surrounds you

There was a time when parents, coaches or teachers would swing their foot square upside our backside if we ever got out of line or needed help getting motivated. For these same reasons we still get that kick in the rear except this time it is Life itself telling us that we have gotten out of line and need to get back on track. There’s also that kick in the rear that shows up as unfortunate circumstances that happen such as having more month at the end of our money because Life is saying “we need to get motivated.” Right action equals pleasurable rewards and wrong action equals painful consequences. This proves that the outcome of our life either way will be the result of the choices we make and direction we take.

Today that kick in the rear has intensified so much for so many of us that now it looks or feels like a flat out butt-kickin or just an all-out old fashion A**whooppin’. This is when we try to escape from the circumstances we created. During these kick-in-the-rear moments, we feel exhausted or dragged through the mud. It is as if we are on some kind of battlefield each day trying to avoid getting hit by the Giant Fly Swatter that comes out of the sky. The news is constantly reporting on the ones who didn’t make it because they got swatted today.

It is our natural tendency to move in the direction of things more appealing, more satisfying or more joyful. Life has a system already built in that rewards right action and delivers that kick in the rear for wrong action. In our life, there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. The feedback causing us to feel that kick in the rear is Nature’s way of saying “Don’t go in that direction or don’t do it that way.” When Life’s feedback is that painful kick in the rear means that Nature’s supreme intelligence is trying to get your attention and guide you the right way. All we have to do is be willing to be available and willing to be guided by Life’s reward/consequence rule.

Naturally, the greater the mistake — the greater the kick in the rear.
Everything is moving in perfect order as proven by the motion of every planet along with a sunrise that is never late. In this same perfect way, Life puts us in perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness for our souls to become more spiritually aware and awake. Life does not give us burdens to burden us, Life gives us burdens to build us into the greater potential that we are to be.

We have overcome every adversity so far or else we would not be here. The way to success is simple, which is to always keep moving in the direction of where you are getting the most support. Do the kind of things and be with the kind of people that help you advance towards your goals or help fulfill what you may need. The best thing about those kicks in the rear we all experience along the way is that they teach us precisely what not to do.

Eternal Blessings.

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