Continuing to help keep women strong, fit and healthy

It began in 1997 when certified Pilates’ instructor Candice Joseph opened Las Vegas’ first independent Pilates studio and named it Symmetry In Motion. Two of her clients, Tania Molina and Antoinette Modrok, enjoyed learning Pilates at her studio so much that they each took the necessary training and credentials to become certified Pilates’ instructors. The studio was eventually closed but the three remained friends.

Earlier this year, Molina and Modrok decided to open their own Pilates studio and named it Symmetry In Motion in honor of their friend.

Molina is a certified Pilates instructor and certified holistic health coach. A former dancer and dance fitness trainer, Molina also holds an associate’s in arts degree in dance. Molina opened Body & Soul Pilates and for four years ran a successful, boutique-style studio. Molina takes a holistic approach to health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. Through her private holistic health coaching practice, Living True Health along with Symmetry In Motion, she is able to offer clients a complete approach to living healthy.

Modrok is a certified Pilates’ instructor, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and continues to be a committed fitness enthusiast. Throughout her life, she participated in doubles team volleyball, bicycling and body building. In 1985, Modrok was crowned Miss Las Vegas as an amateur body builder. Modrok made the decision to change her life and began the process of getting trained and credentialed as a Pilates’ instructor. When Molina opened Body & Soul Pilates in 2003, Modrok helped her with the business.

Modrok explained, “When I started to go to Pilates, I really liked it and started going to Pilates more than weight training.” Even though she was very successful in her career in the insurance industry as a president/COO of an independent insurance agency, in 2013, Modrok retired from her career to pursue full-time her passion for Pilates, fitness and wellness.

“We offer a modern take on traditional Pilates,” Modrok said. “There are newer forms such as hot Pilates, but we want to bring back Pilates sessions based on the systematic, integrative, classical approach supported by Pilates apparatus—the Reformer, Trapeze Table and Wunda Chair. I want to say we are not as trendy, but more modeled on the original Joseph Pilates studio that began in New York. Both of us have always been involved with health and fitness and have so much to offer, in addition to Pilates.”

Some of the services include improved strength and flexibility, increased stamina, stress control, pain relief, nutrition, weight loss, body detoxing and lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

Both Modrok and Molina feel that there cannot be too many studios offering Pilates and/or Yoga and that every person’s body can benefit from the work. “We are not trying to compete with the studios, we are more exclusive and working with our clients one to one,” Modrok said. “We work with those that are seeking general physical conditioning and clients with specific goals, which may be hiking the Grand Canyon, running a marathon, improving your golf or tennis game and preparing for a life event.”

“Our studio offers a very intimate experience and we want to cater to the individual. We will create and tailor a program to meet that person’s needs on an emotional and physical basis,” Molina said.

Symmetry In Motion

7261 W. Charleston Blvd.
Suite 103
Las Vegas, NV 89117