Trendsetter Eyewear showcases several luxury artistic eyewear collections designed for the very confident, sexy woman who knows and owns her unique sense of style. They are targeted toward an appreciation for the best quality and distinctive designs. These collections are not designed to be like what everyone else is wearing but instead have a timeless style as works of art or as jewelry for the eyes and face.

A luxury eyeglass frame embodies the highest quality of materials, craftsmanship and design. The best quality materials look newer longer, stay in adjustment better, have stronger hinges and have an intangible feel to them when worn. Master craftsmen create the frame using advanced technology combined with hand applied skills. A great designer has a special inspiration and a great understanding of facial anatomy to create a unique wearable style.

These are some selected designers from Trendsetter Eyewear:
Tom Ford eyeglass frame designs are inspired by designs of the past and devoted to modern, feminine glamour. An average of 75 master craftsman hands work on a Tom Ford frame in Italy by the time the frame is complete. We at Trendsetter Eyewear frequently hear a client comment on how comfortable the Tom Ford eyeglasses and sunglasses frames are and how well they fit their face. Mr. Ford approves each design and color himself. He is permitting only 2,000 authorized retailers in the United States.
Ziggy eyeglasses are designed by artist Cendrine O. from Canada. Ziggy eyeglass frames are designed for women who appreciate design details, want to be different and enhance their face with an artistic frame. Ziggy eyewear is fun, ornate, and whimsical. Many of the colors applied to the Ziggy frames are hand applied and must cure for six weeks between applications. Ziggy frames are limited in production and in distribution.

David Yurman eyeglasses are extensions of the jewelry makers branded designs. The design intention for this brand is to create eyewear with exquisite forms and enduring beauty. The materials used for David Yurman frames include 18K to 22K gold, sterling silver, semi-precious stones and exclusive gem-inspired colors in handmade Italian acetate. All of the jewelry elements on the eyeglass frames are created in the David Yurman workshop to maintain the brand standards of elegance and quality craftsmanship.

Lafont eyewear is a family owned brand that encompasses four generations of the Lafont family. This eyeglass brand was established in Paris, France in 1923. The designs for these frames are inspired by the elegance and luxury of the Parisian lifestyle. The Lafont frame is crafted using a high level of technical knowledge and the highest quality of materials. Lafont frames are described as artistic and fun. They are distinctive for their shapes and color combinations. Lafont seeks exclusive colors to use on their eyeglass frames and currently 70 percent of the colors used on their frames are exclusive.

Face a Face eyewear is the newest addition to Trendsetter Eyewear’s collection of luxury eyeglasses. These French designed frames are inspired by modern art and contemporary design and created to be fabulous fun pieces of art for the eyes and face. The Bocca collection of Face a Face has unique temples designed as a leg dressed with socks or stockings, and a boot or shoe on the end piece. These styles are very sexy and feminine and definitely a conversation starter. Face a Face eyeglasses have a unique color range and are created with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Tom Ford, Ziggy, David Yurman, Lafont, and Face a Face are just a few examples of high quality, luxury eyewear. Trendsetter Eyewear offers a varied, unique selection of these artistic, luxury brands. For more info,