Is yoga really the best exercise for better sex?

By Debbie Hall

Taking yoga, Pilates and fitness classes are great ways to learn, grow and achieve fitness goals. While one desires better health, flexibility, strength, stamina and appearance; another benefit of yoga is improving your sex life.

All of the department heads at TruFusion Yoga were asked: Which discipline is the best practice if someone wants to become a better lover?

Mark Balfe-Taylor, the head of the Yoga department, insisted that yoga is the best and only consideration for that practice. “It’s simple. Yoga is the best because it teaches you how to breathe efficiently, to combine movement to breath and to be more in the present moment; which makes you a better lover. Furthermore, if you increase your circulation in all the areas of your body, increasing blood flow to every extremity, then increased empathy from the practice combined with this effect yields increase sensitivity.”

Liz Steers, head of the Tru Hot Pilates department, blushed while arguing that there is no greater workout to improve lovemaking than Hot Pilates. “We concentrate on control. Our abdominal muscles, lengthening and squeezing. It’s the total focus of the entire core pelvic muscles that elevates even the most timid lover. Thigh strength also improves, which as you might imagine, has implication in the bedroom. Hot Pilates can give you the body you want. The abs, the legs, the gluteal which all leads to a sexier, healthier body. That confidence translates to heaven in the bedroom.”

Marc Coronel, the head of TRX and Battle ropes said, “Just like in your love life with TRU TRX you will feel weak in the knees, butterflies in your stomach, lightheaded and you will leave on a euphoric sweat and energy induced high! TRX Suspension Training is a total mind and body workout and your love life is a total mind and body workout. Both happen in 3-D and both involve foundational movements such as pulling, pushing, pressing, hinging, rotating and planking.”

Martin Hinton, partner and department head of Kettle Bells and Barefoot Bootcamp, said, “Kettlebells and Barefoot Bootcamp will redefine your body and spirit with these hip thrusting, sexy experiences. Confident, vulnerable, strong, toned and open are just a few words to describe how these classes make you feel. Open your hips, chest, pelvic floor and your heart while you chisel away at your abs and glutes.”

Then Seth Manheimer, managing partner, gave his opinion. “I think the department heads get too caught up in their own little favorites. Let’s be real, you spend an hour in a hot, sweaty room with glistening bodies all over the place, elevating your heart rate, learning how to move and breath and connect with your mind, body and spirit … Everything about it is just sexy. Then introduce music, smooth lighting, instructors who are physical specimens and who are very connected to their own bodies, who teach you how to move. You get into amazing shape and squeeze comfortably into those clothes that used to be too tight while everyone around you tells you how good your body is looking. I propose it’s all of it both collectively and individually. You want to improve your love life? It’s walking through the door that turns you into a better lover.”

Hinton emphasized that it is not about the instructor but more about the environment, “just get to know yourself in a different way.

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