By Debbie Hall

Outfitting men in Las Vegas with style

Mikka Moon Tuxedo JunctionSince the 1970s, any man who has lived in Las Vegas for any length of time has gone to Tuxedo Junction for that first tuxedo to a formal dance, to get married or attend a black-tie event. Men actually love dressing up for those special occasions and women appreciate the effort.

In 1978, Mikka Moon and her late husband opened the business and today as president of the company, she continues to help men look their best. Moon would admit that her path to Tuxedo Junction was unusual.

“I worked in a tuxedo shop while attending UNLV with a double major in music and elementary education. My husband had been a school teacher but quit that to become a 21 dealer. We wanted to do something else, I knew Las Vegas could use another tuxedo shop and I had the knowledge so we opened the store up.” In two years, Moon’s husband was able to quit his job and devote himself to the business.

Changing stylesMoon has seen styles change and explained, “What goes around comes around. When I first started, the styles were basic with black and white, white dinner jacket, really very standard. Then colors started to become popular such as chocolate brown and navy blue. In the 1980s pastels such as powder blue was popular. We carried a line of mint green, yellow and white. In the late 80s, when the show “Miami Vice” was popular, we carried the Miami Vice line of tuxedos which included royal blue and dusty rose. There were some fun styles going on.”

Now the trend has come back to the basics with an emphasis on the Frank Sinatra era with a fitted outfit.

As for celebrities, while in the past celebrities have come in themselves, now the procedure is that someone from the celebrity’s team comes pick up the tuxedo for a private fitting.

Moon has also been involved with unique ceremonies. “We have done weddings for people who have jumped out of hot air balloons, bungee jumping, skydiving, diving into water at Lake Mead. Let’s face it, anything can happen in Vegas!”

One of the biggest changes in the business is the Internet and social media so now Tuxedo Junction reaches people from all over and, since Las Vegas is one of the wedding capitals of the world, this is an important part of the business. It is not unusual for a taxi cab or limousine to stop by the store with a group of men from another country looking to rent tuxedos.

Most importantly, it is the personal touch has made Tuxedo Junction the thriving business it is today. “I love asking couples where they met, how they met,” Moon said. “I have heard so many interesting stories.”

Mikka Moon - Tuxedo JunctionOne of her personal favorites is about a couple from Russia. The groom spoke very little English but the bride was able to talk to Moon and wanted a blue tuxedo. When Moon asked how they met, the bride explained both were on vacation with friends at the ocean but didn’t know each other. One day, the bride was swimming and started to drown. An unknown man came and pulled her out of the water and that turned out how she met the groom. The bride wanted blue to symbolize water and what she felt was their destiny.

Tuxedo Junction is a part of Las Vegas and a big part of its wedding industry. For more information, visit