Three diverse hosts inform and entertain while interacting with the viewing audience
By Debbie Hall

“Valley View Live!” on KNTV Channel 13 is more than just a local life style talk show. It is three diverse women who love Las Vegas, and not only want to inform and entertain but interact with their viewers live on the air. Broadcasting Monday to Friday at 2 p.m., the hosts bring their life experience, expertise and their sense of fun and adventure to the show.

Las Vegas native and, as she said, “a proud product of the Clark County School system,” Rikki Cheese also anchors Action News live at 3, and reports for other newscasts. Dao Vu hosts the “The Morning Blend” in the morning as well as the new afternoon show. Megan Telles is a correspondent on the nationally-syndicated entertainment show, “OK! TV.” She is also the producer and host of the weekly “13 Things To Do This Weekend” segment, and enjoys covering Southern Nevada’s wide range of entertainment, other activities and events.

According to Cheese, “it is the way we want to connect to our audience. Everything is about social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We want our show to interest our audience and engage them across those platforms. We want them to send us their pictures, tweet us and send us comments on our Facebook page. We want to talk to people in the moment when something is actually happening.”

“We have a team and all of us are monitoring the social media together before, during and after the show,” Telles added. “The show has become the power of the media and the hashtags.” The hashtag for the show is #VVLive and so the audience can send in comments and questions as well as photos and videos to be shown in real time. People watching help to steer the conversation.

“Valley View!” also has a house band house, Ashley Red, and, as Telles explained, “People love karaoke, love singing along and request songs. But we just don’t give a shout out and say thanks, but we show the tweet on air.”

“Also what has really been fun for me is seeing Rikki (Cheese) open up,” Vu said. “As a newscaster, you don’t get to hear their opinions on anything except report the news. We are all having a blast. We are having a good time, we want our audience to join us and have a good time while also discussing topical subjects.”

Vu has co-hosted “The Morning Blend” for four years and many of the guests on “Valley View Live!” has also appeared on the morning program. Many of the co-hosts already know Vu and she offers an insider’s look at the many celebrities in Las Vegas.

“We are seeing many celebs and they are loving the show and we are thrilled about that,” Telles said. “As a correspondent for ‘OK! TV,’ I can also add stories about celebrities and entertainment in Las Vegas.”

As a Las Vegas native, Cheese believes that “Las Vegas is now one of the most exciting cities on the planet. The evolution of our Valley has just been wonderful.”

All three hosts have their focus for the show. Telles emphasizes social media and entertainment. Vu loves to shop and on Dao’s Deals, she shares bargains she has found. Cheese is the pet person and owns a tribe of several very large American Akitas. All three are looking forward to the show evolving and becoming a part of a bigger picture.

“Valley View Live!” airs on KTNV Channel 13 Monday to Friday at 2 p.m. Visit Like them on Facebook at, follow on Twitter at and on Instagram @valleyviewlive. The hashtag is #VVLive.