Brightening the color of Southern Nevada

In 2002, David Palumbo and his brother decided to combine their individual painting companies and created Vegas Painters. Both brothers learned their craft in the paint trade when they joined local union 368 in Washington, DC in 1971. While his brother has since passed away, Palumbo continues the tradition of offering experience, work ethic and love of the industry with a professionally operated painting company in southern Nevada. Vegas Painters provides a broad spectrum of services including residential painting, commercial painting, interiors, exteriors, HOA painting and repairs.

“This is what I have done all of my life and I really enjoy what I am doing,” said Palumbo. “I also enjoy helping people with getting a new look with newly painted and repaired interiors and exteriors.”

Speaking of paint, Palumbo explained that, “New products are always coming out in the market which is why our painters receiving training to update their skills. This way we can offer both great products and service to our clients.”

As for working in the desert climate, painting an exterior usually begins at 6 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m. However, “the products being offered today can really withstand the heat,” he said.

Along with products and service, one of the most important aspects is that the state of Nevada requires all painting companies to be licensed. “This protects the client, especially if a company requires a deposit.” Vegas Painters is licensed (#53359) and does not require a deposit.

“You should never hire an unlicensed painter,” Palumbo advised. “There is no recourse if the job is not done properly or the painter never shows up except to take that painter to court. A licensed contractor is insured so there is compensation for any damages or liability. As a licensed contractor, we carry our own insurance so if one of our staff gets injured on the job, that person is covered. With an unlicensed contractor, if they get injured in your home, you or your insurance will have to pay.”

Offering services for both residential and commercial–interior and exterior, Vegas Painters will work on jobs with a bid limit of $950,000 per job or a small jobs program for those who have just a little painting but don’t think a large company like Vegas Painters would take. Vegas Painters also offers a do-it-yourself program where they send a professional painter with all tools and equipment to a client’s house to teach the client the basics of painting so they can paint like a pro. If it can be painted, Vegas Painters will paint it including bathrooms, cabinets, stairs, high ceilings, handrails and the garage floor. If a little drywall repair or wallpaper needs to be removed, Vegas Painters provides complete handyman services and can even take care of that old pop-corn on ceilings. They employ skilled craftsman that can take care of any repair job.

Along with quality workmanship, Vegas Painters offers a five year warranty even though the state of Nevada only requires four years. Vegas Painters also offers financing, senior discounts and color consultants (service is free if Vegas Painters is hired).

Every Vegas Painters employee must become certified through its in-house professional painter training course. Ongoing education for all employees allows the entire company to keep current with new materials, techniques and innovations in the paint contracting industry.

Customer satisfaction is not a slogan with Vegas Painters; it’s the foundation of their entire business philosophy. For more information, visit