After 30 years together, a wedding of a lifetime

By Debbie Hall

Wish Upon a Wedding celebrates the courage, determination and spirit of couples in love during their most challenging times throughout the country with 13 chapters in the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization including Las Vegas. Its mission is to grant wishes and provide weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness or serious life-altering circumstances regardless of sexual orientation.

Recently a daughter asked for a wedding for her parents who had been together 30 years when her father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Even though the couple lived in Phoenix, the closest chapter for Arizona was Las Vegas and everyone in Wish Upon a Wedding worked their magic to grant this wish.

Adam Frazier, president of the Las Vegas chapter, explained that “Eugene was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, has been on dialysis and had heart surgery.” Eugene recently celebrated his 80th birthday and his partner Debra is in her 50s.

“They have been together most of their adult life and, for whatever reason, they never made it official,” Frazier explained. Their daughter Lashebia wanted to offer a legal wedding to her parents before her father’s health deteriorates and reached out to Wish Upon a Wedding. Children and other people can apply for a wedding wish for a couple as long as the couple wants this wish granted.

The wedding took place in Phoenix and all services were donated through the generosity of vendors in Arizona. Wedding wishes for a full wedding and reception includes dresses, hair/makeup, tuxedos, photography, videography, cake, catering, venue, flowers, invitations, thank you cards and extras that go into making it a memorable event. Frazier and another chairperson traveled to Phoenix to attend the wedding. As of the date of the publication, Eugene and Debra are enjoying married life.

Wish Upon a Wedding in Las Vegas has opportunities for many couples, regardless of sexual orientation, who fit the profile to join together in matrimony (or recommit), transcend physical time and create lasting lifetime memories for generations to follow.

Wish Upon a Wedding is open to unmarried applicants that are 18 years or older, legal U.S. citizens, with one individual that has been diagnosed with less than five years to live. Special circumstance wishes are also available for couples as well as renewal of vows for married couples. For more information, visit