By Rev. Tabithi

I have read statistics say that by the time we all reach the age of 65, 2 out of 3 of us will end up flat broke. Those same statistics also say that if we start a business, 90 percent of us will fail within one to five years. This means that the odds are stacked against all of us when it comes to achieving financial success. Blaming and excuses is the recipe that losers use to fail, but those who succeed are the stories of persistence and determination against the obstacles that are natural to any worthwhile endeavor.

Something that can help those with a desire to succeed who also have drive, passion, persistence and determination are the following seven valuable wealth secrets:

1. Money is attracted to good ideas.
Anytime someone comes into money, they are automatically looking for the best ideas to invest in and the best ideas to preserve and protect their money.

2. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.
Insanity is defined as a person who continues to do things the same way while expecting a different result. Keep making improvement changes until you win.

3. A network saves legwork.
Where you end up tomorrow may absolutely depend upon whom you meet today. Stay connected.

4. Work positive.
There are no money problems, there are only attitude problems. A go-getter with a proper attitude cannot be denied.

5. Don’t waste TEMP (Time Energy Money People).
Remember if “Time is Money” then you have none to waste. Take no one for granted and spend your energy on things that get you closer to your goals.

6. Solve a problem, fulfill a need or satisfy a desire.
These are three proven and certain ways to make money every time.

7. To upgrade your standard of living, you must upgrade your level of communication.
The people at the top have greater command of language. Always build your vocabulary range and pattern yourself after successful people.

Happy Blessings

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