Dr. TigerWelcome to the forum for issues about women’s sexuality, provided by Las Vegas Woman magazine. I will serve as the moderator and expert for topics you ask about, as well as some discussion of ideas I want to bring to your attention.

Here we can learn about all issues of sexuality, from how medications can affect your sexual feelings, to how to learn skills for dating after years of being away from the dating scene. Some topics will be about physical responsiveness, some about emotional responses to events and changes in life. We will discuss how various diseases including cancers affect sexuality, how hormonal changes affect sexuality, how physical injuries can affect sexuality. Sex and sexual satisfaction can be affected by changes in sleep patterns, diet, exercise, changes in your or your partner’s workplace situations, financial changes and changes that come with loss of friends, or even new friends coming into our lives. Other changes that occur include pregnancy, dealing with an infant in the house, raising a teen, teaching your own children about dating and making responsible choices around their own sexuality. Once our children leave the home, we need think about what it means to have raised children and live again in a house without kids, alone with or without an adult partner. And, of course, how important it is to remember to make time for and prioritize intimacy in all of our very busy lives.

Some of the topics that will come out of the headlines: Is there a new pill coming out for women that will increase their sexual desire? How do couples adjust to the advent of pills (or injections) for men that make it easier to perform sexually, but may not bring the feelings or sensations that will make sex appealing beyond providing stronger erections? How do we make informed decisions about social and political issues like sex education in schools or availability of abortion unless we have read what sexual science has taught us about those issues? How do we understand changes in our society that affect us and our families as it regards changes in how we view differences in sexual partnering, greater acceptance of both our own preferences and the preferences of others. Of course, how does criminal sexuality threaten our community and how can we be better prepared to understand and guard against that threat to ourselves and the people we care most about?

Sex and sexual satisfaction can be affected by changes in sleep patterns, diet, exercise, changes in your or your partner’s workplace situations…

So, here in this forum we can learn about all of these topics, from the entertaining, to the most serious, without having to draw any conclusions or take any strict position, but to just look at good information from which to draw the guidance that is right for any one of us. Information will be presented with as little bias as possible, respecting as much as is practical all differences in opinion, with no judgment about controversy that can arise from various forms of cultural or personal difference. If ever anyone feels that one point of view or another has been underrepresented I will be glad to include and recognize that missing aspect as much as is practical. If a reader is interested in an issue and the editors give me permission to address an issue privately, that is decided not to be included in print, I will endeavor to consult with that person privately.

Dr. Tiger Devore, known as Dr. Tiger, is a clinical psychologist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and media expert on sex and relationships. But most important, he is a person who cares with over 25 years of practice and expertise working with women and their specific issues. For professional consultation 702.900.4845 tigerdevorephd.com

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