By Debbie Hall
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Sharing her elegance, style and passion for skin care and more

L Marie (Lenette Marie Gazzana) has always lived a life of passion in her many roles as wife, mother and entrepreneur. She is now following her dreams with her business, L Marie’s Bare Elegance, as an extension of her vision to encompass soothing internal experiences that extend outward. Her motto, “Being healthy is beautiful from the inside out” reflects a deep-rooted philosophy that is actually inscribed on the walls of her spa, serving as very positive reinforcement to all clients as well as her staff.

That singular vision culminated into her own spa, offering body wraps, facials, waxing, brow maintenance and her own customized line of skin care products. In one respect, it is the manifestation of her goals, but in many ways it is also just the beginning.

As a wife, mother and hard-working professional, L Marie knows her clientele well. “I am an aesthetician who caters to the everyday woman, who understands the importance of upkeep and maintenance. What sets me apart from everyone else is that I strive to make first-class skin care affordable to all.”

As part of her detailed visualization and meticulous design, L Marie has created a space transformed by unmatched tranquility. While a simple wooden door separates the hallway from the plush relaxation room, it seems as if one has stepped from one world into another. Moreover, that transformation merely describes the room clients enjoy while waiting to receive treatment.

L MarieA big part of her business is the body wrap treatments she offers. Years ago, a neighbor introduced L Marie to FDA-approved body wrap treatments, during which she personally shed pounds and inches that had proven difficult to lose following the birth of her twins. L Marie procured her first machine and, after increased demand by satisfied clients, purchased additional equipment. The procedure burns 1,400 calories per session and speeds up individual metabolic rate, which increases the discarded calories when the body is at rest. She continually educates her clients about the process and its undeniable efficacy. However, L Marie also emphasizes that clients should incorporate a healthy diet and exercise plan as well to ensure overall health.

As a first-time entrepreneur, L Marie also realized that well-known skin care lines were simply too generic and not affordable to some of her clientele. These products included those not only used during treatment, but also those sold at retail outlets. L Marie identified a real need to formulate her own line, eventually creating an affordable portfolio of products customized to each individual client, also known as designer skin care. As part of a concerted effort to be green, L Marie revamped the bottles of her skin care line, going as far as switching labels from printed-paper to silk-screen design.

Microdermabrasion, which assists in shrinking pore size, is another key treatment. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is designed to fight the elements. As people get older, their pores get bigger; microdermabrasion shrinks pores, reducing the appearance of fine lines in the process.

L Marie is both a continuing student as well as a licensed instructor, who recently signed on with the Nevada State Board to teach licensed professionals about skin care in her own facility. She attends numerous classes and seminars to maintain her cutting-edge approach and knowledge regarding skin care.