Helping others obtain a Mercedes-Benz luxury automobile

Diane Casiello, Internet sales and loyalty manager at Mercedes-Benz of Henderson, is thrilled to help someone purchase or lease a luxury automobile. She is learning about her brand every day with its newest features and options so she can work with her clients and their needs.

“Many times with the level of vehicle I sell, clients will tell me that this is their dream car. I think this is very cool that I have helped someone achieve getting their dream car. This is one of the biggest purchases anyone will make in their lifetime. It is a big decision and to be a part of it is a wonderful feeling for me,” Casiello stated.

Originally from the New York and Connecticut area, Casiello moved to Las Vegas in 2007 with then-husband and family for employment opportunities. She had just given birth to her last child and joined her husband working with public speakers in RE and personal niche industries.

As for changing careers and working in the automotive industry, Casiello explained, “I have been leasing cars my whole life. In fact, my first car was leased when I was 18 years old, so I had a lot of experience in that area. I have always loved going to car dealerships and just the entire experience. When I was looking to change careers, I had a friend in the business and contacted him. He invited me to come by and consider working with him at the dealership. It was an intriguing offer, so I checked it out.”

Casiello has been working in the automotive industry since 2011. In fact, while working for her first dealership, she broke a 20-year store record and within that 6-month period became the most (online) reviewed sales person. “There are many reasons why I love what I do. Every day is different. I get to meet people from different parts of the world. That is really exciting for me,” she said.

Casiello has worked in the real estate industry and for a family-owned business in managing over 80 properties for 10 years. She understands working with owners, clients, customers, vendors and the public and has transferred her skills to her current position.

2015-GLA-CLASS-GLA250-SUV-191After starting a family, Casiello was a stay-at-home mom before working with public speakers as an agent and setting up events. She would work with the media and vendors, handling negotiations as well as making certain her clients’ needs were met. According to Casiello, “My last career really rounded me out since I worked with personal niche speakers. I learned to better communicate with clients, ask the right questions so I know what they are expecting from me and understand what their needs are.”

As for her current career, “I work in a predominantly male industry, which is challenging in and of itself. Many still have a perceived notion that women don’t know anything about cars. I highly disagree. However, I may have been more sensitive to this misconception when I began my career in luxury auto sales. Looking back, I can say that this is what really drove me to establish a firm understanding of the core product I represent. While I’m still fairly new with Mercedes-Benz, my peers will often tell me I’ve raised the bar. Fueled with tenacity and my love of fine autos, I’m living proof that anything boys can do, girls can do better!”

Mercedes-Benz of Henderson is located at 925 Auto Show Drive in Henderson. To reach Diane Casiello, call 702.485.3026 or visit