Dr.EdwardJ.MalikSpecialties: Optometry

Eyes & Optics
Downtown Summerlin
11035 Lavender Hill Drive
Suite 180, Las Vegas, NV 89135

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In 1988, Dr. Edward Malik established Eyes & Optics with an eclectic rock vibe, making eyewear fun and sexy. Moving to Downtown Summerlin, the new location won fourth place in the nation in a competition with other eyewear centers as one of the top places for design, originality and product selection. Eyes & Optics is privately owned and managed by Dr. Malik for that personal touch. The shop features the work of the top indie designers in the world, many exclusively at Eyes & Optics. He also has a lab on-site so that glasses can be made in the store.

According to Dr. Malik, he generally sees the woman in the family first. “She will come in, and maybe bring the children. In a sense, she is auditioning me, our service and our products. If I pass, since she is the ultimate decision maker, I know I will help her family and friends.” He admits that he might not see the husband of the family on a regular basis since men are more likely to put off getting eye exams and new glasses.

Understanding the mindset of men, Dr. Malik is making it easy for them to get the care and sight correction they need with the Executive Care plan. “They can come in between football games or after work.” This program is also geared toward busy executives including lawyers and even doctors. “I will get them in and give them a concierge eye exam in 30 minutes or less. I use all electronic equipment with no medication or drops, no touching of the eye, no probes and no blurry vision when they leave.

“No one has attempted this before. I have also reached out to the concierge doctors to work with them for specialized eye care for their patients,” Dr. Malik explained.

He also wanted a brick-and-mortar store. Dr. Malik understands people will buy glasses online—there are apps that will check a person’s eyes, and he believes this is a teen market. However, the center is for adults who need in-depth eye care and want to make a statement with their glasses. Dr. Malik also works with those who need specialized contact lenses.

For those who need to carry oxygen, Dr. Malik designed glasses, Oxyview, where the oxygen tubes are attached to the glasses in the back.

Dr. Malik has also been playing in a rock band, The Melancholics, for over 20 years as a drummer. “We found a new singer, and it’s the band we always wanted. We are one of the most original bands in Las Vegas. We are professional musicians, we chart well, but sometimes we just don’t have the time we want to devote to our music.”

As for Eyes & Optics, “We really have a world-class optometry operation actually owned by the doctor. We have been creating something different since we started the store—rock ‘n’ roll and eyeglasses go together.”