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Dr. Jennifer Cha offers expertise in dental implants and periodontics, specifically in full mouth reconstruction. Along with her husband, Dr. Leon Chen, also an accomplished periodontist, they opened the first Dental Implant Institute of Las Vegas in 2003. The Dental Implant Institute offers advanced dental care through revolutionary procedures, such as the 5 in 1 Technique, Hydraulic Sinus Lift and Vertical Translation Technique, all procedures developed by the Dental Implant Institute.

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone. Its purpose is to replace the missing root of a tooth. There are several types of dental implants that vary in shape, architecture and the techniques used to place them. Placing a single dental implant should take no more than 30 minutes, and integration takes about three to four months. During this time, you should have a temporary tooth in place. Following the three to four month period, you should have a permanent crown.

What is the 5 in 1 technique?
The 5 in 1 technique includes extraction of the tooth, bone grafting, sinus lift, implant placement and temporary crown all in the same visit. This cuts treatment time in half, involves only one set of surgical procedures and, in most cases, requires only three visits to our office. Traditional implant placement techniques can take several years to complete, and in many cases, patients or doctors just give up or refer another dentist. Ordinary implant techniques involve painful and lengthy procedures that have long periods of downtime, often leaving patients with only a temporary removable denture or a temporary crown during this entire process. For years, we worked diligently to help design dental implants and procedures that met the patients’ needs while eliminating unnecessary trauma and maintaining the ability to complete all procedures within three to six months from the initial visit date. During the three- to six-month period, our patients all have fixed temporary crowns for aesthetics and function.

What is the Vertical Translation Technique?
The Vertical Translation Technique, or VTT, is an effective way for treating gum recession without having to transplant tissue from a donor site. VTT treats the underlying issue of gum recession by addressing the source of the problem: bone recession. The procedure is quick, done by simply making a flap on the existing gum tissue, cleaning up the site, adding bone and then stretching the flap over the site. VTT can help eliminate sensitivities to cold and even out the gum, providing a more natural look. You can find a great animated video showing the procedure on YouTube.

What if I am not a candidate for dental implants?
Everyone is a candidate for dental implants even if you’ve been told your case is hopeless. Before you let anyone convince you otherwise, I’d highly recommend you find an implant specialist, one who has the expertise and specializes in dental implants with bone reconstruction.