By Debbie Hall

Cadence Alexia & Linde Hartman Flies High in ‘Absinthe’

AbsintheThere are women who actually attend circus school to learn one of the arts of entertaining audiences. Cadence Alexia and Linde Hartman are the high-flying duo of “Absinthe” performing an aerial cradle act. The audience looks up at a fixed metal frame with a small platform suspended with wires. Hartman hangs upside down from the platform from the knees, Alexia swings and Hartman catches her wrist to wrist. The duo then performs various tricks high over the audience.

In the Netherlands, Hartman was enrolled in circus school at the age of six and stayed until age 16. “I like it so much I auditioned to attend a professional circus school and was accepted.”

Alexia trained as a gymnast as a child in her home in England. When she grew up, she attempted several careers but the circus drew her back. She auditioned and was also accepted in circus school.

When Hartman heard of an opportunity to perform an aerial cradle act in the United States, her partner was not interested. Through her coach, Hartman was introduced to Alexia. They trained together, signed a contract and moved to Las Vegas about two years ago to perform in “Absinthe.”

“I really didn’t know about the show before we came to see it,” Hartman said. “We love the show. It is original and in your face.”

“The show fits my sense of humor,” Alexia added. “It is edgy and I really enjoy it. I love inviting my friends.”

The duo performs 10 shows a week and train together twice a week as well as individual workouts including hanging from the bars. “This keeps me quite fit,” Alexia explained. “We train to push our endurance as well as practice new tricks.” Massages are also important for maintaining their physical health.

In her down time, Alexia is into painting, nail art, owns a dog and hikes in Red Rock Canyon. Hartman practices yoga, also owns a dog and hikes on Mt. Charleston and in Red Rock Canyon as well as taking lessons in speaking Russian.

Atlantis“Absinthe” is hosted by ringmaster The Gazillionaire overseeing a blend of old school variety, over-the-top circus acts and sultry cabaret with oddities, humor and shock. This is an adults only show. “Absinthe” performs in the Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace Wednesday to Sunday at 8 and 10 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Absinthe box office located in the Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace, calling 702.785.5395 or visiting