By Taylor Makakoa

You can tell when it’s fall in Las Vegas. The daytime temperature begins to cool down, you don’t need the air conditioner on at night, and best of all, there are so many fun ways to enjoy the months before the chaos of the holidays! From food to fun activities, I love the fall!

I have a confession…Although I try to eat healthy; fall is the time I indulge. I can sum it up in two words: pumpkin everything! I like it all: pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin added to a salad and, of course, a pumpkin latte (nonfat of course, let’s not go crazy here). There are a lot of healthy recipes you can enjoy that feature vitamin-packed pumpkins but my rule is, don’t stress if it’s a bit calorie heavy. Nine months of the year you can go pumpkin free so enjoy it now—it’s the flavor of the season!

The weather in Las Vegas in the fall is simply amazing. Now is the time to go for long walks outdoors, explore Mt. Charleston and take advantage of Red Rock cooling down. I love to take my dogs out to Tule Springs. It’s about taking advantage of those hidden treasure of Las Vegas. When you get home and it starts to get a little chilly at night, why not have a hot chocolate out on the porch sitting under a fleece blanket while reading a great book. For me that means the timeless Agatha Christie.

Fall also is a great time of year to get creative with the kids. Work on a homemade Halloween costume, bake and decorate with pumpkins (here comes that pumpkin again!), create projects using fall leaves (hello Pinterest!), sit arounda fire pit and tell ghost stories.

The bottom line—the next three months are the perfect time to enjoy the weather, your family and a couple pumpkin martinis. Yep, they really do exist!

Taylor MakakoaTaylor Makakoa is model and
performer in “Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment” live at The Mirage