Making great strides focusing on multiple sclerosis

Dr. Le Hua, M.D., is passionate about medicine focusing on research and therapies for those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is the director of the Mellen Program for Multiple Sclerosis at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health ( and staff neurologist at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Dr. Hua is involved in clinical trials assessing new therapies for the treatment of MS and her personal research interests include using advanced MRI techniques to study MS, and neurological disorders.

She also works in the Major Jose M. Fajardo MS Patient Services Program created by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. The successful program focuses on improving the quality of life for MS patients and their caregivers by providing a licensed social worker to assist in supporting and securing services such as community resources, transportation and medical appointment coordination.

Le HuaHer decision to go into medicine was influenced by her childhood experiences. Her grandparents would become ill, and because they did not speak English, her parents would accompany them to the doctor’s appointments. Dr. Hua was also brought along to help translate. “I saw the power of the doctors in helping to comfort the family members, letting them know what was going on and easing their tension. I wanted to be that person who did the same thing.”

When it was time to choose her specialty, Dr. Hua remembered observing the changes in her grandparents and their mental acuity. With these experiences, she wanted to become a neurologist and work in neurosciences. “The brain is just a fantastic organ. If you are going to look at the whole body and ask what makes us unique as individuals, it is the brain: its working and functions,” she stated.

She also developed a passion for immunology and rheumatology. As Dr. Hua learned about MS, she discovered it combined neurology, immunology and rheumatology. It is also a specialty that treats people as a whole. It was also during this period that great advancements were made in the treatment of MS, and it incorporated her love of medicine and helping others.

Dr. Hua is also one of only two fellowship-trained MS specialists in the state of Nevada. “I wanted to learn more about MS and cutting-edge treatments and procedures.” Her mentor was very well trained in research of MS and helped her advance her training as well.

Born and raised in Arizona, Dr. Hua moved to Las Vegas specifically to work at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. She wanted a work environment where she could work with her patients rather than the pressure of starting a private practice. When she came out to Las Vegas to check on the clinic, Dr. Hua felt it matched her philosophy of putting the patients first and would be a great fit. “I want to look at the whole person, do comprehensive care and take care of them. This clinic offered everything I wanted to do and be in terms of being a doctor,” she explained. The weather was similar to where she was raised, and it was close to home and her extended family.

Her big inspiration is her parents, who had to flee from Vietnam in 1970. She witnessed their bravery and strength to leave everything behind to look for better opportunities for a better life for them and their family. “With all of their challenges, they are my biggest mentors in just how I approach life, problems and difficulties. There are always different perspectives and ways to solve dilemmas.” Dr. Hua also credits other doctors for teaching her the art of medicine.

With her devotion, dedication, education and passion in the practice, Dr. Hua believes a woman can have it all including career, family and self-growth. Married with children, she truly demonstrates being a Fearless Female.