Her experience helps others get sober

Heather Frost has one primary mission in both her professional and personal life and that is to make the lives of women struggling with addiction better.

As the Director of the Women and Children’s Campus for WestCare Nevada, Frost has been working with the nonprofit WestCare for over five years. As a recovering alcoholic whom has been in recovery for eight years, she has worked in a few positions at the foundation office before running the Women and Children’s Campus.

A native Nevadan, Frost moved to Las Vegas 16 years ago with no intention of liking it. Since becoming sober, “I love Las Vegas, it is truly my home, and I would never be able to do what I do now anywhere else.”

As the director at WestCare, Frost is responsible for women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some are pregnant. Others have children whom are not in their care. A number have children who live with them onsite to aid in re-unification. The resident facility offers hope to those who have been a victim of human trafficking, have no place else to go and those who are victims of domestic violence.

“I knew when I was getting sober that this is where I always meant to be,” Frost explained. “Being able to help people into a better life is a true honor; I feel the same for my staff. Cynthia Villers was the one woman who changed me, her conviction was intoxicating. She helped me build into the woman I was meant to be and to take opportunities that are given freely and grow them into my future. Seeing the change that followed her became my dream.”

Professionally, Carol Renard, director of staff development for WestCare Foundation, is one of Frost’s inspirations. “Carol has educated me on every level of life. Professionally, Carol is extremely humble yet has a great power within. She knows how to grow people and raise them into the professionals that in turn make change.”

Her mother was her teacher in life. “She was one of the most humble people you could ever meet, yet commanded her world,” Frost said. “She taught me to love without judgment, care without conditions. Everyone is a teacher; who you want to be and who you do not, it is not what happened or what you did, it is how you handle it and take the high road.”

Her philosophy is that the, “fear of letting go of nothing is not exclusive to me; it is inclusive of all of us. Definition of self comes from how we handle things, not what happened. Being victim is not the same as being victimized; we all have special stories, however, no one person is more special than the other. Fight for who you are, do it with grace and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. There is nothing too far out there that you cannot have—it is how you go about it that will be remembered.”

WestCare Nevada has been serving Las Vegas for over 40 years. The Women and Children’s Campus houses six programs focusing on drug and alcohol treatment for women who are pregnant and/or parenting. These mothers have the opportunity to have their children onsite with them during treatment and also receive parenting with a child development specialist. Other programs include drug and alcohol treatment for ladies 18 and up that do not have their children with them, a women veterans homeless shelter including children, a homeless shelter for women who have been chronically homeless and a youth shelter for children ages 10-17 who have been trafficked, thrown away, runaway and homeless. WestCare Nevada also serves children in CPS custody, juvenile justice system as well as a youth detox program.