Financial senior vice president, diversity activist and mentor

Jacqueline Beato, in her current position as the senior vice president finance and treasurer at Caesars Entertainment, directly manages an operating expense budget of $120 million and oversees treasury, investor relations and risk management for the corporation that encompasses 52 properties and 60,000 employees worldwide.

As an advocacy for diversity, she moderates a Caesars’ Lean In Circle, an internal peer development program for women that utilizes a 360-degree mentoring circle. Beato founded and serves as chair for Via, a Hispanic affinity business resource group at Caesars that helps drive professional development, community partnerships and positive business outcomes. She is involved in various organizations, such as the Human Rights Campaign, and is outspoken about workforce engagement and equality issues around gender and LGBT rights. Believing in giving back, Beato mentors students in the hospitality program at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. For all of her accomplishments, Beato is in her early 30s.

Proud of her Hispanic heritage and speaking Spanish fluently, she was inspired by her parents to pursue her goals. “My parents divorced when I was very young, but they both still put the children first. My mother was a single working mom and started her own business. By example, she showed me that women can accomplish the same goals men can. My dad advanced in corporate America by leveraging the fact that he was Hispanic and was able to lead a large sales division for Latin America sales,” she explained.

Jacqueline_BeatoBeato is also grateful to her bosses for their mentorship. “I have been very fortunate in my career to have a strong boss as a mentor starting with my first job. Understanding the value of this, I have always made certain the person I am going to work for will be there to help develop and mentor.”
Even though her undergraduate degree is in engineering, Beato interviewed with a Wall Street firm for an internship and was accepted. She would discover that her math and modeling skills from engineering would be very valuable to her and would excel in finance. She worked on Wall Street but discovered it was not a good fit for her and decided to attend business school.

“I really wanted to work somewhere that I could feel that I was valued as an individual, not just for my professional attributes but as a whole a person. I wanted to work somewhere I could have fun and enjoy myself,” she explained. While attending a career conference, Harrah’s Entertainment (now Caesars Entertainment) had a booth with squishy dice. “After talking with some of the representatives, Beato was blown away when, later, during the interview process, everyone seemed to know her and asked how she was doing.”

She would encourage other women to consider entering the field of finance and business because there is so much untapped potential for women to excel in this area. “This is an area that has not traditionally been very diverse, as indicated by studies from past years. There can be very quick gains for women who decide to go into areas that are male-dominated. “Women add a different perspective that makes everybody’s performance that much better—they offer a different way of thinking and much-needed innovation in the field.”

Beato sits on the board for Caesars Foundation and Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow, a Nevada nonprofit organization providing vocational training, job preparation, education and employment services to move Nevadans into self-sufficient employment and financial stability.

Married with a family of dogs, Beato enjoys salsa dancing and traveling. With all that she has accomplished and is looking forward to, Jacqueline Beato is truly a Fearless Female.