An inspiration in the field of law

Aayme Martinez Richardson has worked hard to reach her goals and work in criminal justice. Today she is a law clerk at Patti, Sgro, Lewis and Roger. Richardson provides trial support to the attorneys appointed to the defendant, reviews evidence and discovery, prepares witness files for cross examination and does whatever needs to be done in preparing the defense strategy. She has even assisted in two death penalty cases.

Her path started in California, one of nine siblings. Due to substance abuse issues in the family, she left and, according to Richardson, “spent the next few years of my life learning some of my most valuable life lessons being raised on the streets. Thankfully, I fell in with an amazing group of friends in Empire (California), many of whom I still keep in touch with to this day.”

Still, she valued education and obtained her GED. Richardson was encouraged to enroll in junior college by the friend “most likely to need my services today, Reed Perez. He died a year after we enrolled in college, not surprisingly from a gunshot wound, so I never got a chance to thank him. He would be proud,” she explained.

Also a mother by age 18, it would take Richardson 10 years to obtain her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice including a move to Las Vegas in 2001.

jayme MartinesAs for pursuing a career in law, “I decided to apply to law school, honestly never believing I would get in. But I remember thinking to myself before I applied that I had to show my daughters that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter where you come from or what the statistics say about how successful you will be. I needed my girls to have someone in their lives they could be proud of. So I applied to one school, just to say I did it. In 2006 I was accepted to the William Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I was one of only 144 students, out of over 2,000 applicants, to be accepted to the law school. Then I cried,” she recalled.

She also credits her move to Las Vegas for inspiring her to continue her education. Richardson believes Las Vegas has an element of magic to it and that opportunity and success is available to anyone willing to work hard for it.

Richardson is also grateful to a group of women who took her when she was 18 years old at the Haven Women’s Center in Modesto, California, who taught her about being a fearless female. “It was there that I learned that I was not weak or broken, that I was smart, and capable, and worthy.”

While living in Modesto, Richardson worked with another amazing group of women at the Center for Human Services. She also took a second job teaching parenting and anger management classes at the California Youth Authority.

As for living and working in Las Vegas, “since law school, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best advocates in the Las Vegas legal community. Each one has graciously shared his or her wisdom with me, and trusted me to do my best on their behalf. Each one has encouraged me to take new opportunities to learn and grow,” she stated.

Her biggest inspiration is her family. Her husband Joe, is an executive chef, and she has three daughters: Alyssa, Mahlea, and Sophia. “My family is what drives me. They accept me for the person I am while at the same time inspiring me to become a better person. My oldest daughter just started working at my office, and I am so happy to see her at work every day.” Continuing to set and attain goals and help others along the way is what makes Jayme Martinez Richardson a Fearless Female.