How H2U Health Centers Are Helping Southern Nevadans Get Quality, Personalized Care

Building a healthy community requires access to affordable health care. To support employers in providing quality health care options to their employees and their available dependents, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has introduced Health To You (H2U) Health Centers as a valuable new benefit for members. It’s an easy, affordable and accessible way for employers to save money on health care expenses and make it easier for employees to stay healthy, happy and productive.

At H2U Health Centers, patients receive personalized attention and quality care, spend less time in waiting rooms and save money. Qualified medical practitioners provide care for participants with common illnesses such as allergies, ear infections, strep throat, minor infections and rashes. Additional services include lab work, flu diagnoses, wellness exams, preventive care, blood pressure checks and chronic condition management—all completed on-site.

For eligible employees and their eligible dependents, these services will be offered at an affordable inclusive per-visit rate.

The H2U Health Center is also stocked with pre-packaged, commonly prescribed generic medications that will be dispensed as needed at no additional charge. If a medication is not available at the H2U Health Center, the practitioners can write a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy of the patient’s choice (some restrictions apply).

For eligible employees and their eligible dependents, these services will be offered at an affordable inclusive per-visit rate. All prescribed generic prescriptions, as well as lab work conducted at the center, are built in to the rate, taking the guesswork out of the visit and creating a multifunctional, streamlined and customizable way for employers and employees to take advantage of quality health care.

For added convenience, Metro Chamber members also have access through H2U Health Center’s telemedicine program to speak with a U.S.-based, board-certified physician via telephone or video conference 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The centers, conveniently located at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital and Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, also keep early and late hours to accommodate different work schedules.

In light of the changes to health care and insurance pricing over the last few years, many employers have had to make the difficult decision of choosing higher deductibles with thousands of dollars coming out of pocket for the employee. This benefit is especially attractive to employers with high-deductible or self-funded health plans, or uninsured family members of employees. For a low per employee, per month rate, employees can use this benefit to minimize their out-of-pocket costs, avoiding unpredictable costs subject to the high deductible gap they would normally have to pay for even routine visits. Even better, this benefit is accessible for employers of all sizes.

Through flexibility, all-inclusive rates and services and easily accessible locations throughout the Valley, H2U Health Centers are helping to promote healthy habits and a healthy community here in Southern Nevada. For more information on H2U Health Centers and other valuable Metro Chamber membership benefits, as well as to access the brand-new ROI Calculator, visit