What a year it has been so far. Grace Grabel came into our lives, and I must admit I am a little envious of all of her adventures so far. Grace loves people and is very comfortable as a worldly citizen. The experience Grace’s parents, Tammy and Seth Grabel, had with The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is an inspiring story.

I am also amazed at the incredible technological advances made by our Southern Nevada medical community, spotlighted in our Doctors of the Desert issue. The physicians are excited by the innovations and techniques they can offer their patients in Southern Nevada. As one doctor said: “It is an exciting time to be in medicine.”

Jerry Metellus showcases the latest fashions from Neiman Marcus with his photographic creativity. Jennifer Florendo shares the best finds in hair care for the change in weather in Goody Bag. Hungry? 5 Signature Dishes gives five reasons to try five of the top restaurants in Las Vegas. Thirsty? Kenny Lee of Lee’s Discount Liquor always finds the best wines to try at affordable prices.

Our Fearless Females always amaze and inspire me. We share the stories of a former nurse turned successful businesswoman, a breast cancer survivor and an executive with one of the largest global corporations. So do the women featured in our Local Ladies Achievement column. I love all of the accomplishments of so many women who live in Southern Nevada.

It is fall, the weather is cooler, and it is a great time to play outside whether it is the Red Rock Canyon or a staycation in Goodsprings. The best news is that Southern Nevada continues to grow and prosper. I am thrilled to see the economy rebounding, hope returning and a new spirit thriving in the community. Las Vegas Woman magazine is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful place we call home.

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